Friday, February 4, 2011


Before our fans dive head first into another "ring game" I thought it would be great to look back and reflect on the greatness that we've been priviliged to see around here for, oh, about 40 years. During that time, the Steelers have already won six SuperBowls, the Penguins three Stanley Cups and the Pirates, amazingly, two World Series. That's 11 championships or one every 3 1/2 years! If the Steelers win on Sunday, that number will climb to 12 titles or one every three years four months! Should the Pens also win the cup this year, 13 titles would translate into one championship every three years one month. If Pitt would pull off a miracle in the NCAAs, then we're talking 14 championships or one every two years and ten months! This is insanity, but potentially it could happen which would make 2010-2011 the most championships ever in one year for this city. The most in one year until now was two in 1979 when the Steelers and Pirates did it and two in 2008 with the Steelers and Penguins doing it. 

A videographer by the name of "Toxic Sunset" has done another amazing job, this time producing a video titled, "City of Champions". "Toxic Sunset" is the same person who created the incredibly-stirring "Unstoppable" that is displayed at the top of our right hand column. This guy(?) (presumably) has tremendous talent and could be working for NFL films. I guarantee you'll love what he does with the Steelers and Penguins (sorry, no Pirates highlights in this one).

LEFT: The constant reminder that you should cherish every moment that we are now experiencing. Who among the Pirates fans of 1979 would have ever dreamed that it would be 31 years and still counting between championships (if there ever is another one again).

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