Thursday, January 6, 2011


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ABOVE: Is Big Ben bringing the wrong ring home? Is this another Big Ben whopper of a mistake or is this a positive turn in his life? Steeler fans are once again on the edge of their seats as regards their quarterback's off field endeavors.

As you no doubt have now heard, "Large Benjamin" has possibly "popped the question" during the Christmas holiday. While Big Ben has refused to discuss his personal life, he has not refuted the claim.

Roethlisberger, quite naturally, has created an internet furor, his supposed engagement coming so close behind his massive "female relations" problems that have taken place over the last two years. After the recent events in Millidgeville, Georgia, it's pretty incredible that he would have cemented a potential marital relationship in such a short time. NFL contracts can apparently make anything possible.

So who is this mystery lady you ask?

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ABOVE LEFT: Her name is Ashley Harlan from the New Castle area. A 2009 graduate of St. Francis University (PA) she has a Masters degree in Physician Assistance Science. She now is apparently toasting marshmallows for Ben Roethlisberger.

As can be expected, with Roethlisberger's recent history, the leakage of this story has spawned an immediate backlash from primarily women. Comments such as "Why?"..."What is she thinking"..."Is she insane?" and "Must be the world's biggest gold digger" are most common, while male commenters, hopeful that Ben having a full time partner will create stability, are mostly happy and hopeful that their quarterback will get his personal life finally straightened out.

ABOVE: Ashley's Laurel High School (Lawrence County) senior photo.  

Neither Roethlisberger, nor his agent have commented on the supposed engagement, but with the playoffs starting this week, it seems like a most inopportune time for this to have occured (if it did). Stay tuned Steeler fans. When it comes to Ben Roethlisberger off the field, there always seems to be a never-ending source of material for Pittsburgh's blogdom!

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