Monday, December 27, 2010


As the weather reports continue to filter in for the weekend, the word continues to not be good as regards the upcoming "NHL Winter Classic". Normally, word like that would mean that the area would be bracing for a major snow event, but not in this case because this is, after all, the "Winter Classic".

No, in the eyes of the NHL, this weekends forecast of temperature close to 50 degrees is bad. But when you factor in the possibility for rain, it gets downright ugly. Apparently the temperature is still adequate for the ice surface, however the rain could make the game potentially unplayable, or at the very least require frequent Zamboni interruptions. Water on the ice surface would also make it susceptible to gouging as occured frequently in Buffalo at the first such event (and in much colder temperatures).

If the game has to be postponed or even worse, cancelled, it would be a catastrophic financial disaster for Pittsburgh businesses who were counting heavily on the rare mid-winter windfall.

However, before anybody pushes the panic button, we should remember that this is the weather we're talking about. Think about it: How many millions of times have you heard faulty weather forecasts...or is it just me? So with all of this consternation and worrying going on, we thought we'd once again bring in our resident prognosticator and History Channel TV star, Michel de Nostradamus in to help clarify what the future holds for the Pittsburgh version of the "Winter Classic".

By the way, lest you may have forgotten his Stanley Cup and SuperBowl predictions of two years ago or the fact that he predicted that the Steelers would go 12-4 this year (they're currently 11-4) we'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to sign off on his next set of predictions, so here goes:

ABOVE: Nostradamus cranks out another prediction show for the "History Channel". He divides his work between "History" and "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold".                                                                                                                                              

"Maybe it won't be snowing, but I'm going to predict a high temp of 42 with no rain. There, didn't that make you feel better? It's not going to rain, but there will be some mist in the air...nothing to sweat about. And, oh yeah, the Pens are going to win 5-2, Sid will have a goal and two assists and Bruce Boudreau will let loose with another hail of expletives between each period and at the game's conclusion. Mario Lemieux, meanwhile, is going to make monkeys out of the Washington old-timers while scoring two goals and an assist. Look for the Pens geezers to light the lamp seven times en route to a 7-3 rout. I've gotta go now. I have another "End of the World" show to finish up" --Michel