Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ABOVE: One of the largest "charitable contributors" in the city, the Steelers' James Harrison.

James Harrison was fined again by the NFL today to the tune of another $25,000. Each time I see Harrison fined, my hatred for Roger Goodell's new flag football league grows exponentially.

Think about it: Here's a guy who has had $125,000 literally stolen from him while on virtually every play where he rushes the quarterback he is held and held and held.

This league has developed such serious credibility issues with me that it has already begun to diminish my interest. Take away physical play from the NFL and you can have it as far as I'm concerned.

Count this wavering fan as being one who doesn't really enjoy seeing 50 passes thrown per game by prima donas who can't even be looked at let alone hit. Goodell is in the process of ruining the most popular sport in America...literally killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

If James Harrison continues to be fined as he currently is, I think we can expect to see him suspended one of these "fine" days...probably the first week of the playoffs.

If the league wants to be a flag football league, have the guys take off the pads, have them wear just a helmet and advertise it as such. But don't pass this watered-down garbage off as football. As a man who has watched football for 50 years, I'm about ready to adopt the NHL as my favorite sports league.

I never, ever thought that I could ever, ever, ever consider such a thought.

Congratulations to all of you geniuses on Madison Avenue and on behalf of Steeler fans everywhere, thanks for tearing down what we have loved all of our lives...