Thursday, September 16, 2010


Much as the poor guy pictured below, but only worse, your's truly has taken the ultimate double karate kick to the groin during the last 24 hours and I know that I will be a long time recovering.

ABOVE: This poor guy has been kicked so hard that he's actually left the ground by a good foot. Yeah, that's kind of how I feel right need of new gonads.

Yes, I feel as though I have been kicked, stomped, trampled and what ever other adjectives you might want to add. It all started off last night when Pittsburgh's own Jackie Evancho was robbed of the championship and $1 million on "America's Got Talent". Let me be the first to say it, "The fix was in."

If that wasn't bad enough, then came the news this morning that the sports and exhibition authority had voted unanimously to tear down the Civic Arena. UNBELIEVABLE! All that I can say is that the developers must have agreed to pay off all of them too!

So let's see, so far we have the mayor, the Penguins officers, and now all of the sports and exhibition authority members. I would venture to say that all of them should be getting a fat check in the mail any day now. How else could you ever explain a decision as ludicrous as this one, not to mention having all of these politicians and the Penguins organization walking in perfect lockstep? This doesn't happen without tons of cash hitting the fan. Don't be stupid and think otherwise.

Jackie Evancho and her family may have gotten ripped off to the tune of $1 million, however, this girl is so immensely talented that I'm sure she'll be multimillionaire ten times over anyway. The judges couldn't believe this nor could the fellow who actually won. Everyone had Jackie winning, so what happened?

Here's a good question: why don't these programs ever show the vote totals? Why are they such a state secret? If they're going to ask the public to vote, why won't they show the vote totals? When a decision comes out of left field like this one did, it really makes you wonder.

Translation: Whoever the Vegas Hotel is that is going to showcase the winner probably called the producers and said, "Hey, we're not paying a million bucks to have some ten year old kid that sings opera. We want an entertainer that Vegas audiences will be able to relate make it happen.

Do you really think that Jackie didn't win? Do you believe that my explanation is far-fetched? Do you really and truly believe that money isn't changing hands as we speak over the demise of Civic Arena? Please folks... please don't be so naieve.