Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Unbeknowst to owner, president and general manager Mike Brown, the signing today of Terrell Owens by his savvy Bengals will touch off a sportstalk firestorm here in "The Burgh".

No, there won't be a firestorm over the Bengals signing the mercurial Owens, the problem instead will be what daffy plan will Vinnie Rechichi and those of his ilk on 93.7 the fan and 1250 ESPN have to talk about now? Incredibly, for weeks, these stations have been jamming down our throats the notion that the Steelers, a team that has prided itself over the years in not surrounding itself with morons (and which unfortunately still has a few on the roster today) should sign the walking pariah, Owens, while still licking their self-induced gunshot wounds inflicted by Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes, Jeff Reed and others.

What can these people possibly be thinking? Owens first of all is a 15-year veteran. He even has two years on the leader of the wideouts, Hines Ward. These people who say that Owens is still "cut" apparently haven't been watching as balls repeatedly clang off his metallic hands. Owens should be a defensive back a la some of the Steelers current performers who outside of Troy Polamalu treat airborne footballs as though they are uranium-enriched.

Why would you want to bring in an ego-maniac who has his own reality show, no less. Why would you not want to give your own young players a chance? Personally, if I had to completely play without a wide receiver, I'd rather do that than compromise my core beliefs with a guy like Terrell Owens.

Think about what Ben Roethlisberger did and ask yourself: Are you still proud that he's a Steeler? How could you be, he's disgraced the team!!! Terrell Owens would certainly not be a player that I'd be proud to cheer on...I already have Ben Roethlisberger to create that dilemma for me.

Thank goodness for Mike Brown, I love him. I am completely relieved that this nonsense has been dispatched to Cincinnati where it belongs. I'm much more comfortable having to deal with Terrell Owens for the two weeks when we play the Bengals than for the twenty weeks of the exhibition and regular season that we'd have contend with his various neuroses on a daily basis.

Vinnie Rechichi in particular is enamored with Owens' physical attributes while completely ignoring the litany of past teammates and quarterbacks in particular whom he has clashed with over the years. Rechichi is a transplanted New Yorker who apparently is out of touch with the sentiments of the vast majority of Steeler fans. The people who call sports talk shows are not typical sports fans, they are supercharged, hyper-interested sports fans. Do you think that people like this would tend to have a "win at any cost" mentality? Of course they would!!! That's why the sports fanatics who repeatedly call these shows were plying Rechichi's ego by saying that they too wanted T.O.. Apparently for every lunatic call that came in to say that the Steelers should sign Owens, the city's sportscasters felt vindicated.

We should all let out a deep breath and thank God that Kevin Colbert is too busy to listen to this nonsense. I personally have found myself tuning out the talk shows and going back to classic rock, wherever i can find it.