Friday, December 11, 2009



Seeing as the city is in somewhat of a funk following the Steelers' latest implosion against another inept team, our board of directors got together and decided that the last thing that you needed was another rehash of a horrible, horrible football game. So the board decided to run our normal Friday feature anyway despite the Steelers humiliating their followers on the NFL network. So for at least a few minutes, we suggest that you "forget the Steelers" and have a couple good laughs along with us.

Midwestern Humor

ABOVE: Someone has too much time on their hands.

Sun Protection

ABOVE: Is this what Big Ben does?

Sharewhere Bathroom

ABOVE: Leave it to the Asians to come up with something as good as this!

"Husband of the Year"

ABOVE: He can't be overworking her too much because she's still a little "chunky".

Evolution Run Amok

ABOVE: An accurate description of our continuing evolution as a species.

Pulling Double Duty

ABOVE: Imagine this, he beats your butt, then he represents you against him!

and finally...with this new invention we now have
the ability to stop time!!!