Friday, December 4, 2009



With it being Friday, all of you veteran readers know what that means...a bigger than normal dose of pictorial humor from the world of sports and wherever else we happen to find it! This week is no exception! I'd like to thank the many readers who sent in things they found, but this week, there truly was an internet phenomenom taking place.

From several of you, leading off this week's "Spanning The Globe For Humor" comes this version of the inimitable Tiger Woods' new Christmas card....

ABOVE: She may be a dud in the sack, but Elin should now be able to own several dry cleaning establishments due to Tiger's dalliances. They do make a handsome half couple now though.

Of course, any Tiger photoshop also calls for us to pull up one of our all-time favorites featuring our glomming mayor...

ABOVE: Tiger and Elin in happier times when Tiger was normally stalked by insane fans and not his insanely-angry wife!

But enough aboout Mr. Woods. Since we recently passed through the Halloween-Thanksgiving corridor, I had some more pictures floating around under the heading, "Why Dogs Bite People". Here are some insane dog Halloween costumes. My favorite is the last one, but they're all great.

ABOVE: Who could blame this dog if he returned this "bite favor" on his funny-guy owner!

ABOVE: This Basset Hound has the perfect look for a dog with a knife through his head. I'm sure he'd like to return the favor to his owner too!

ABOVE: Is it Bob Dylan or Ringo Starr? Or maybe this 1970's activist...

ABOVE: Orchestrator of 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention riots, peace activist the late Abbie Hoffmann. I think he most closely resembles the dog of the three mentioned.

Our last dog photo should be enough to knock you out of your chair laughing. Who would do this to their dog?

Our last piece of off the wall humor takes us to somewhere in the orient. Since this is called "Spanning The Globe For Humor", I thought it would be most appropriate.

ABOVE: Who's laughing? This sure beats the heck out of carrying these one by one. Unfortunately, the load on the right side seems to be only moments from a certain disaster! Here are four good questions. 1) How long did it take to load this bike? 2) Did he have help (balancing while loading)? 3)How far does he expect (or have to) go loaded this way? And finally 4) Is this bike considered overloaded? All pertinent questions indeed.

Have a great weekend everyone! Go Pitt, bring home the $15 mil and a BCS Bowl Bid!!!