Wednesday, November 11, 2009


ABOVE: Adolf Hitler has been known for a number of things, but never before for being a college football fan.

Incredibly, "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold" has learned that Adolf Hitler, now a reported 120 years old, was spotted in a Winnebago near Beaver Stadium last Saturday. The Nittanies were hosting the Ohio State Terrelle Pryors at the time. Ironically, though Hitler, at 120, is too old to be still be alive, he ironically would not be considered too old to coach in the Big 10.

Along with this incredible report, "P.B. & G." has received a covert tape from an operative in Germany that further explains this whole bizarre situation. You can view it here at:

Hitler Top Secret Strategy Meeting Videotaped!!!

Every so often we come upon something as unusual as this and pass it on to you, our readers, in the interest of keeping you as informed as possible on what's really going on in the world today. We hope that this tape helps to explain many of the public misconceptions that exist about college football.

Of course, special thanks are due to the agent who smuggled this footage to us, known simply as "A.C." Sadly, had we been able to get this tape before "The Big Game" last week, maybe Hitler could have been apprehended once and for all. Oh well, maybe the Rose Bowl...

Apparently so many of you tried viewing this tape earlier in the day that we ran into technical difficulties (or was it an SS plot to keep this meeting secret)? At any rate, the Hitler meeting tape is back up and now available for your viewing and historical analysis. Thanks to all of you who let us know!!! Now quit sending emails!

ABOVE: Hitler, portrayed here by Daffy Duck, reads "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) before the Penn State-Ohio State game.