Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What a week last week last week was with our now-epic piece, "The Ghosts of Morganza". All week long my inbox kept getting filled up with the same questions: Is the ghost real? Was that really a ghost? Was that a person? Did you make that up? Etc. Etc. Etc.

Well I just want to let you know a couple important factss: First, if you saw that image it wasn't because it was photoshopped. Gary Gayda's shots are exactly that: Shots. If you don't think it was a ghost, then don't believe it. There that wasn't hard, was it? However, for those of you who had the hair on your neck stand up as did, you apparently know a good ghost picture when you see one!
ABOVE RIGHT: Director of Pittsburgh Photography and chronicler of Paranormal Activity here at "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold", Gary Gayda. 

Even Gary Gayda himself continues to be haunted by the developments of that day. "There were signs everywhere that said no trespassing...as I was leaving, I remembered a quote from a photography instructor that I had once had. "Before you take your shot, look around. There's probably a better shot right there.  It was then that I captured the now infamous image of the "Ghost of Morganza"...

ABOVE: Whether you believe it's real or not, someone or something was walking through the deserted Morganza property just as a thoroughly creeped-out Gary Gayda was vamoosing and managed to take this photo. 

These are the everyday perils that await an intrepid photographer who is charged with capturing the "feel" of Pittsburgh each and every week. It's a dirty job, but hey, like we say around the offices here at "P.B. & G.", "Somebody's got to do it, better that it be Gary."

This week Gary's going to do something a little different from last week's haunting. Pittsburgh has a famous street in Mt. Washington named "Grandview Avenue". A more appropriately-named street there never was! Today we're going to show you a few different views of Pittsburgh from up high on Mt. Washington. We'll call it:
"A Ride Along Grandview"

By the way, all of Gary's photos can be purchased directly from the photographer himself by emailing him at GMGayda@yahoo.com. Simply let him know what size photo you are interested in as well as the photo number and title. He will then get back to you with price information. So here now is this week's edition of 


#31 Roadside Flowers 

ABOVE: With the skyscrapers of Pittsburgh off in the distance, our photographer catches some of the local flora in his viewfinder.

 #32 Mountain Road On A Mountain Top

ABOVE: Even on the top of Mt. Washington you always know that it's a mountain that you're standing on!

#33 Colored accent

ABOVE:  Pittsburgh is city of intrinsic beauty, but residents never stop trying to help.


ABOVE: Across the street from Grandview Avenue lies this tiny parklet. It offers visitors there a unique perspective of the Mon River from high atop Mt. Washington.