Thursday, October 15, 2009


Whenever I get this queasy, bloated feeling, I know it can only be caused by one thing... it's time for another epsode of 

I always have to laugh when I hear people talk about how great the Rooneys are as owners. Not that the Rooneys aren't great, but just that many others in the NFL who masquerade as owners just make them look better than they really even are.

The NFL is littered with horrible owners, people who are so egocentric and so full of themselves, that they can make anyone who is a normal, grounded person look like someone who can walk on water. Not only are these people egomaniacs, but they incredibly have pocketbooks that seem to be absolutely limitless. It's amazing to me that people who have amassed such fortunes could have done so given their proclivity for continually making such dumb mistakes.

Among the more glaring cases is that of owner Daniel Snyder in Washington. Here's a guy who can't throw money around fast enough, continually overpays for athletes who are either over the hill or were never worth that much to begin with and who also has the ability to make some of the most inane statements I've ever heard.

ABOVE: If you told me that Daniel Snyder invented money, I'd believe it. It's like he has twenty printing presses running non-stop in his basement.

The airwaves are buzzing right now over the fact that Snyder has said that he would be interested in talking to Jon Gruden about having the coach-turned MNF-analyst as the new coach in Washington.

Now to people without a brain they might say, "Hey, now that's a great idea!" But to those with a brain, they say, "Doesn't this idiot know that he's spent $100 million or so on players who aren't going to listen to their coach at all now because they know he's going to be getting fired anyway?" How is this helping your team? Of course if you're coach Jim Zorn, I'm sure that your attitude (and your assistant coaches' attitudes) are just great now too.

The Redskins are currently 2-3 and have played all of their games against teams that have not won a game yet this season before playing them. This has never happened before in the history of the NFL. The string will continue for a record sixth week when they take on Kansas City, currently 0-5. At the present time, no one is currently confusing the Redskins with being a good team, just a lucky team that they're only 2-3. They could be 0-5 too.

So in spite of having played probably the weakest schedule in NFL history (the exception was the Giants, 0-0 in week one) they have still managed just two wins. You can see where an owner would get frustrated over this. However, Snyder can't see the forest for all the trees surrounding him. He is the problem! There are better ways to handle this type of situation. Doing so in the media is not one of them!

The Rooneys have given out some big contracts in their days, but their business model is to reward their own people who have been stalwarts for them by retaining them with a large signing bonus and deal. As a result, the players develop an intense loyalty to their team. Imagine how they would feel if year after year Kevin Colbert was bringing in one big free agent after another and paying them more than a player who has been working for the team for two, three or four years? These players are no different than you or I. The only difference is that they have more zeros on their paychecks. Their nose gets out of joint just as easily as the cashier who doesn't get her 25 cent per hour raise but sees a newly-hired person come in at 50 cents per hour more.

It is incredible to me that people like Daniel Snyder could be so insensitive to the basic reactions of human beings. These aren't robots, they're people!

What about throwing in the towel on your season already too? Football's a funny game. People on competing teams get hurt. Maybe your own quarterback throws a touchdown and develops some confidence and the team gets on a roll? How many times have we seen the Steelers stumble out of the gate only to right themselves later on? The owner, like the captain on the ship, has to appear unflappable and above the fray. Panic is not very captain-like. Snyder is certainly not captain material.



1) @ N.Y. Giants (0-0)  L 17-23

2) St. Louis (0-1)          W  9-7

3) @ Detroit (0-2)         L  14-19

4) Tampa Bay (0-3)     W  16-13

5) @ Carolina (0-4)       L  17-20

6) Kansas City (0-5)   


If you're going to bail on your coach and signal to your players that he's now a lame duck, you deserve the poor effort that your team is going to give you. A survey that was done recently revealed that for all the zillions of dollars that Snyder has misspent, the Redskins are considered to be the third worst franchise in all of major league sports. One thing you can't argue that he has accomplished though: He's sure doing a great job polishing the image of the Rooneys!

ABOVE: The Rooneys have been the most consistent, knowledgable and sensitive owners in the NFL. No, it's not that they're sensitive themselves, they are conscious of the sensitivities of handling highly-paid athletes in a consistent and proper manner. Listen to former players such as Larry Foote talk about the Rooneys. They have nothing but the highest praise for them and admiration for the respect they always received from their organization. Is it any wonder that their players give rhem such a great effort or that they've won six SuperBowls? Is it any wonder that Daniel Snyder, for all of his millions spent, is hearing now from Redskins fans en masse that he should sell the team for the good of the franchise? The only guy who could do worse is current #1 lousy owner, Oakland Al Davis.