Sunday, September 20, 2009



ABOVE: Not a warning you'll normally see in Western Pennsylvania!

We finally got here, the number one ranked story in "Pittsburgh's Black & Gold" history!

How ironic it is that the number one ranked story comes from a school that hails in Morgantown, West, by god, Virginny. For the longest time I had always wondered why the "Hoopleheads" burned living room furniture whenever they won a big football game?

This set me out on an incredible investigative report that generated the story, "Burning Down The Couch". Amazingly, the deeper I dug, the more bizarre this story got. So with this much material to work with, it's no wonder that this story turned out to be the number one story in site history.

But here's something else that i found very amazing: Between February 15th and March 11th, I published an uncharacteristically-low number of posts...just four during 21 days (1.33 per week). However, and here's the amazing part, these four stories finished numbers three, one, seven and two overall!!! Obviously, when you have only so much time to write, the fewer stories you compose, the more research and more creative time you can pour into each one.

I usually manage three to four posts per week, and even with this uncharacteristic lull in posting factored in, I still managed to average 3.69 posts per week during my first year. I published 192 stories in year one, and all kidding over the "Blackened Gold Awards" aside, it's really been enjoyable learning to become a better blogger while constantly refining what i want "P.B. & G." to become.

One thing that you will be sure to see more of during year two is more features about Pittsburgh and the things that make this wonderful city what it is. I've decided that I don't want this site to be just another sports-only blog. My goal is to drop the word "blog" and its' negative connotations and begin to use the phrase "Pittsburgh's Online Magazine" when referring to "Pittsburgh's Black & Gold". As we all know, Pittsburgh's sports are the greatest, but as the rest of the world is about to find out next week, there's a whole lot more that makes this city great than just the Steelers and Penguins (the Pirates still have a lot of work to do).

I really appreciate your reading, I relish your comments when I get them (not nearly enough by the way) and I hope that you'll tell your friends or subscibe to our feed so that you too can become a regular reader. As you can tell from my past work, I enjoy having a good laugh, so I can promise that I'll be able to bring a smile to your face too.

Speaking of bringing a smile to your face, I think it's time that I quit babbling on and let you read about the WVU Mountaineers and their grand tradition of trying to burn down Morgantown, so on that note, here's your number one story ever:

ABOVE: Some people never win an award in their entire life. This week I won seven "Blackened Gold Awards"!!!