Friday, September 18, 2009


What kid doesn't love Kool-Aid? Of course all kids do, especially the sugar high that kicks in immediately afterward. I think you add about five pounds of sugar per quart, then stir.

The phrase "Drinking the Kool-Aid" is a reference to the blind faith shown by the followers of the "Rev." Jim Jones who wiped out all of his followers one day by serving them grape Kool-Aid laced with strychnine. The resultant massacre led one day to its' becoming part of the everyday sports vernacular.

Here's a pertinent example of this: "The Chicago Bears are currently "Drinking the Lovie Smith Kool-Aid" that their defense will be able to contain the Steelers now that Brian Urlacher is lost for the season with a mangled wrist."

So you get the idea.

ABOVE: Lovie Smith has ordered plastic garbage cans full of Kool-Aid to be on the sidelines for Sunday's game. When you think about it, the Bears really shouldn't be missing the big lug too much for the Steeler game. See how it works!!!

I thought that "Drinking the Kool-Aid" had become such an important part of our everyday sports lexicon that I thought it warranted a "P.B.& G special report" on the subject. The result was a piece that turned out to be so spectacular that it was recently named the number three all-time story in the history of "Pittsburgh's Black and gold" and becomes today's recipient of the coveted "Blackened Gold Award".

So clear a few minutes from your busy schedule today and check out this award-winner!

LEFT: The coveted "Blackened Gold Award", presented for the story dated 3/11/09 entitled: