Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This weekly feature is rapidly becoming my favorite, and why not? When you publish a blog, the self-induced pressure is on every day to come up with something interesting for your readers.

But as you've probably noticed by now, "P.B.& G." is no normal sports blog. No, we're quite abnormal. Oh, we'll have serious sports stories, but we also like to "pull your leg" every once in a while too as in the story "Cat Away, Mice Having Field Day." We also occasionally will do a serious editorial on national news in our "Clearing My Desk" segment. But "Pittsburgh: Through the Lens of Gary Gayda" is becoming my favorite because it allows me to put up a really interesting photo of the city we all love without having to do the "heavy lifting". Gary Gayda (in photo at left) does that for me.

This week's simply mahvelous photo is titled, "Diamond Encrusted". Thanks for the photos Gary, and thanks for giving my brain a much-needed rest too!

As is always the case, if you are interested in obtaining a full size print of today's featured photo, simply email our photographer, Gary Gayda at GMGayda@yahoo.com. Give him the photo number (below) along with the size print you are interested in. Gary will contact you with the information.
Now, without further adieu, here's this weeks edition of "Pittsburgh: Through the Lens of Gary Gayda"


ABOVE: Darkness settles over the PPG Building. Most people are probably already dead or just don't recall, but when PPG first unveiled the plans for their new headquarters building in the early '80s there was a firestorm of criticism. What, those people preferred a flat roof? Today, the PPG Building is one of Pittsburgh's most recognizable structures and certainly among the jewels that our city now possesses. Thankfully, those having better taste in archtecture prevailed. This just goes to show you that a lot of people are really full of "you-know-what".