Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's time for our weekly Tuesday pictorial featuring the photography of my fellow high school alum, Gary Gayda.

This week we have a gorgeous shot of a (sadly) soon-to-be-departed familiar landmark. Besides being "America's Most Livable City", we Pittsburghers additionally feel that it is also "America's Most Beautiful City". That's why we're running this series. If you aren't already a believer, we guarantee that this photo series will convince you. For those of you around the world who have never been to Pittsburgh, be sure to put it on your short list of places to visit. We have the greatest sports teams on earth here (well, two out of three anyway) and the people are the friendliest you'll find anywhere. Pittsburghers are so courteous that you'll hardly ever even hear a car horn beeping in the city! If those aren't reasons enough, we even put french fries on our sandwiches!

These photos that we've been publishing have even been responsible for convincing President Barack Obama to bring the G-20 Summit here in September! We're told that the President, an avid reader of "P.B. & G." was so impressed by the Gary Gayda photos one Tuesday evening at the White House that he had his staff set up Pittsburgh for the important meetings. Only one problem, the G-20 is the world's lightning rod for protesters. But I'm betting that they'll be so focused on the Steelers, Penguins and beautiful scenery that they'll forget all about why they came here! Of course if by chance they all go to a Pirates game...well who knows what hell might break out?

If you really like the photo below and would like a print, you can contact Gary Gayda directly at GMGayda@ yahoo.com. Just give Gary the photo number and the size print that you're interested in and he will get back to you.

So sit back now and enjoy another installment of PITTSBURGH: THROUGH THE LENS OF GARY GAYDA.


photo copyright 2009 Gary M. Gayda

ABOVE: A line of storm clouds moves above Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena, the oldest building in the NHL. While the exciting new Consol Energy Arena is going up right down the street, there isn't a Pittsburgher who won't miss the "Igloo" once next season is over. By the way, those black clouds overhead had a silver lining...The Stanley Cup!