Thursday, July 23, 2009


Big Ben Roethlisberger has always enjoyed playing on the celebrity golf circuit. He also has enjoyed the casino night life. So when the opportunity came to play in another event at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Resort, Ben was quick to sign up.

Celebrity golf events present an opportunity to be be worshipped by adoring fans while playing golf with other name celebrities. With all expenses paid for at a lavish resort, what isn't to like? The best things in life, after all, are free, right?


ABOVE: Well the season isn't even one minute old and Ben already has a gigantic problem.

This is where Ben’s thinking may have actually gone askew. Andrea McNulty, an employee at Harrah’s had gotten to know the “Big Lug” at prior golf events there. Apparently one thing led to another and Ben, thinking that Ms. McNulty was another part of the Harrah’s welcome wagon, decided to have a “freebie”.

Whether Andrea McNulty is a first class tease, a classic “gold digger” or a basic, run-of-the mill rape victim, we’ll never know for sure. But she says she ended up in Ben's room and then was sexually assaulted. Right now it’s a he said-she said case and she’s going to have a hard time proving anything in court. There were never criminal charges filed and the police were never able to do their routine investigation to determine if a rape had even been committed.

This case however has already taken some bizarre turns. McNulty, for her part has decided to sue John Koster, the President of Harrah’s Tahoe North (and a good friend of Big Ben) as well Greg Hyder, the Chief of Security at Harrah’s.

According to McNulty’s attorney, Hyder told Ms. McNulty at the time of her initial complaint that, “Most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger”. He added that “Koster (Harrah’s president) would love you even more if he knew about this.” Hyder continued by saying that, “Koster would suck his d__k if Roethlisberger let him.”
So according to those comments, the inference is that Harrah’s president is such

ABOVE: Andrea McNulty: Is she a tease, a gold-digger or a rape victim?

an enamored fan of Big Ben’s that he would even provide him with oral sex if Ben so desired. While this is an obvious exaggeration, the meaning is crystal clear. Koster is a huge fan and would never allow anything to damage that friendship/ hero worship… apparently even if an employee was raped, according to Hyder.

The story then goes that McNulty was hospitalized, off an on, for depression and that she lost about 30 pounds during the next three months. Was she in a depression, or was this just a part of the charade to fleece a millionaire quarterback out of some of his hard-earned cash?

But wait, there’s even more!

It seems that McNulty was having an affair with a married man and the married man’s wife, suspecting the relationship, cooked-up a fake email address and claimed that “She” was actually a “he”. In fact, she said that she was an American soldier stationed in Iraq and began corresponding regularly.

Apparently this little ruse went on for some time as an attempt to get information on McNulty's relationship with the woman's husband.. For whatever reason, one day the wife called off the experiment and stopped writing. McNulty then became despondent, telling people that her fiance, a soldier in Iraq, had apparently been killed.

So obviously we’re not exactly dealing with someone who is emotionally stable here, but this doesn’t give anyone a free pass to rape her either. So where exactly is that “line in the sand” with Andrea McNulty where “no” means “no”, especially when she's in your room?

That will be up to the courts to decide, however there is one other interesting tidbit to note. According to the suit, McNulty additionally claims that Harrah’s Chief of Security also entered her home unlawfully and accessed her laptop computer, presumably either to erase incriminating information or to find out more about McNulty’s case.

Already the internet stories are flying and Big Ben is being called “Ben Rapistberger” by Steeler-haters. This is not a good thing for Steelers football and Commissioner Roger Goodell is said to be looking into the charges since there was never a criminal complaint filed.

If nothing else, Big Ben has already learned that the famous Las Vegas saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” apparently does not apply to nearby Lake Tahoe.

Ben’s a big boy and prostitution is legal in Nevada. If he needed to have sex that badly, I’m sure that it could have been arranged with none of the problems he’s encountering today. As the old saying goes, he was “letting his ___ do his thinking for him.” That’s dangerous enough for any man, but when you’re a wealthy man? Big Ben should get ready to pay big--REAL BIG--for his 15 minutes of lust or however long it took. I hope it was worth it, because like so many other athletes, his reputation is taking a serious hit over this.