Wednesday, May 6, 2009


17, in case you weren't already aware of it, is a very significant number. So significant, in fact, that our editorial board decided that we should do a top ten list of the greatest 17s in history.

So we've been scouring the internet and having tediously-long meetings arguing over what should be number nine, what should be number three...well you get it. So now, after tons of research and arguing, here are the GREATEST 17s IN HISTORY!

NUMBER 10. The famous 17th issue of "TUX" Magazine

ABOVE: What a great lead-in to this list. After all, "Tux" is the first and only magazine for the new LINUX user!

NUMBER 9. The first movie with 17 in the title.

ABOVE: I didn't see this flick and I don't plan on it. I already saw "Big" so I'll pass. But it still is very significant nevertheless.

NUMBER 8. The thinnest MAC ever (with 17 inch screen).

ABOVE: Yeah it's plenty thin alright but do you think it was an accident that they picked a 17 inch screen? Methinks not.

NUMBER 7. May 17, 1980. Everything is good.

Above: On the left is Mt. St. Helens on May 17th, the "good" day. On the 18th on the right is what's left of the mountain on the "bad" day.

NUMBER 6. Man leaves the ground for the first time.

ABOVE: We're really starting to get into the truly great stuff. This flight was on the 17th (of course) and took place not at Kitty Hawk, as has often been reported, but at Kill Devil Hills, coincidentally the home of "The Grave Digger" monster truck.

NUMBER 5. A Great excuse to get drunk.

ABOVE: People are always looking for a great reason to get drunk: Steelers, Penguins, Pir... no, not really. But we do love March 17th, St Patrick's Day. We also presumably love cute blondes without tops holding large mugs of green beer too!

NUMBER 4. The most diabolical thing ever conceived by man.

ABOVE: Pete Dye, who conceived this torture device should be locked up for two reasons: First, for designing it and second, for making it the 17th hole at the Tournament Players Club in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

NUMBER 3. The most famous moon shot, Apollo 17 (of course).

ABOVE: Artist's rendition of the (L.E.M.) lunar embarkment module (I think) blasting off from the moon. This was not done on a hollywood set either. Well it's never been proven yet anyways.

NUMBER 2. The greatest domination by one team over another in the history of sports.

ABOVE: I bet you were expecting to see a picture of the Coliseum in Rome where the Lions had a terrific record against unarmed, malnourished slaves. But no, this is Miller Field in Milwaukee, home of the murderously tough, incredibly talented, Milwaukee Brewers. They have now defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 17 times in a row. Why? Try an 8.10 bullpen e.r.a. for starters.

Which brings us to our number one item! Any ideas????

ABOVE: Sadly, we could be looking at the Pirates owning the longest losing streak in the history of organized sports, 17 years! The team that has become used to being walked on got off to a great start this season, but they've fallen back to earth and are now two games below the magical .500 mark. The bats have quieted down, the pitchers have cooled off and the injuries have begun. Here we go again!

EPILOGUE: After seeing the quality of the items on this list, we hope you can understand now how difficult it was to compile. We hope you enjoyed it and as usual appreciate your comments!