Thursday, April 23, 2009


Above: He looks friendly enough, but don't let the looks deceive you. "The Butcher" can quickly carve up the fastest shots from the most severe angles. He wears his trademark everywhere, even in formal wear.

Marc-Andre Fleury was not a happy goaltender after game three against the Philadelphia Flyers. He had just surrendered five goals, not counting the final empty-netter while en route to a 6-3 loss to the hated cross-state rivals. Even worse, a few of the scores were not of the vintage variety usually required in a Stanley Cup game. Fleury had to play better in game four. He knew it and even said it. He decided to put on a new "game face" for game four.

Above: Marc Andre as he must have looked to the Flyers on Tuesday night while suffocating the life out of them. Pens won that one 3-1 and yes, he was that frightening.

Tonight, the "Butcher of Pittsburgh" will try to close out the series in game five. Sir Sidney has called for a white-out. The "Butcher" should have a great view of the puck in that sea of if he'll need another advantage!

Above: "The Butcher" disappears into the night in his Lamborghini last Friday after slaying the Flyers in game two. In pusuit are a possee of "puck bunnies," women who would stop at nothing to lift up his trademark apron. They'll have a hard time keeping up with that Lambo.