Monday, April 13, 2009


It was a rough day yesterday for the Pittsburgh Pirates as they lost two tough, low scoring games.
In Cinci, yer Buccos lost 2-0 despite turning a rare triple play. Ian Snell took the loss giving up a two-run homer in the first then slamming the door. Unfortunately for the Pirates and Snell, their on-again, off-again offense was in the "off" position for this one.

In another tough contest, fought by their new minor league affiliate in Somalia, the Somalia Pirates lost by a 3-0 score to a rugged Navy Seals team.

Above: This minor leaguer was in a very foul mood after losing to the Seals yesterday. The Somalia Pirates to a man seem to display the same bad attitude leaving G.M. Neal Huntington to consider a possible change in managers. Good luck on that idea.

Above: Unlike their higher level American minor league affiliates, the Somalia franchise travels to games by small boat in oftentimes rugged waters, leading some to speculate that this may be a major contributing factor in their constant hostile mood.

Above: A map of Somalia. After losing a home game to the Seals, the Somalia Pirates must now travel all the way down the coast to Kenya (lower left of map) on board their small, rinky-dink boats. If the Seals don't get them, the Great Whites might! No wonder why their attitude stinks!

Above: An unidentified, cocky, Somalia Pirates minor leaguer in a feisty mood after getting his butt kicked by the Seals "calls on" "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold" photographer, Dave Navis. "Take away your three buddies with their guns and I bet you're not so tough, tough guy," yelled Navis.

"P.B. & G. will not be intimidated by the Pirates no matter what level they're playing at," stated infuriated publisher Angelo Spagnolo. "It's no wonder some of these guys have a bad attitude by the time they make it to PNC Park."

Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington was also very upset over the Somalia Pirates boorish behavior towards the photojournalist.. "Hey, whether they're playing in Somalia, Lynchburg, Altoona, Indianapolis... it doesn't matter. They're part of our operation and they're expected to act like professionals, especially with a blog as highly respected as "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold."

Judging from these photos, Huntington has a lot of work to do adjusting these attitudes.