Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why The Steelers Should Draft Pat White

Above: The lovely, the vivacious, the OH MY GOD IS SHE FOR REAL? Erin Andrews slinks away moments after a romantic interlude with Pat White. She has that "I've just been caught" naughty girl look on her face! Any guy who can get a chick like this to come on to him in a place like Puskar Stadium HAS TO BE Steeler material!!!

From "Deadspin"

Patrick White's not one to kiss and tell. The West Virginia quarterback received what appeared to be a hug and a peck on the cheek from ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews a few seconds after a postgame interview Saturday at Puskar Stadium.

"That's between me and her," White said, a little shocked that someone caught the interlude, before breaking into a sly smile. A few seconds later, he volunteered, "I almost fainted when she came up to me."


Above: Since we did mention Erin Andrews, I thought it only prudent to add one more "zebra" shot of her before we get back onto our real subject, Pat White! You don't mind, do you? Below: This is more like it! Now we're back on top of the current goings-on in Couchtown. What do West Virginians have against couches, anyway?

Yes, Pat White obviously has some special spell that he's weaving over the female population in the land of burning couches. Either that, or he must be subconsciously exuding male pheromones like no male ever before him. I'm quite impressed by his seeming prowess. As all women know who frequent clubs on the South Side or the Strip, male prowess is a very important Steeler trait.

Above: This guy is a veritable clone of Hines Ward. He's a quarterback as Hines was. He resembles his build, has his toughness, has his desire to win and loves to light up the unsuspecting a la Hines. Close your eyes and imagine him as a Steeler. He'd be another dangerous weapon for Ben!



But you're not reading this supposedly to look at chesty pictures of Erin Andrews, you're here to learn why the Steelers should draft Pat White, right? Yeah, right!

Above: He already has most of the uniform colors right and he even has Hines' high step. He can cut with the best of them too, just like 'Tonio and Hines.

Various mock drafts have had Pat White lasting until the 57th pick or late in the second round. White has apparently done very well at the scouting combine and various reports are saying that he improved his draft position more than any other attendee. While that may be true and while it will get him more money to start off with I don't see him cracking the first round because of lingering concerns over his size. With the Steelers drafting last in the first round, Pat White should still be there and offensively would have the greatest potential of virtually any offensive player to be drafted. Don't be shocked if this happens. Here's why:

The Steelers have always liked drafting the BAA player (best athlete available) especially in the early rounds. They do this because it works.

Hines is another year older and has a couple more injuries to show for it. He probably has two years tops left in the tank. The Steelers are going to lose Nate Washington, probably to Tennessee. Nate has improved himself over the years, but tell me that Pat White wouldn't be an upgrade over him? Plus, last year's number two draft choice, Limas Sweed has yet to flash his supposed skills, so the Steelers are really dealing with a major potential dropoff after Santonio, especially considering Hines' age. If Hines or Santonio goes down, watch out, here come the Browns.

Above: Oh, did I say that he can throw too? The Steelers could have a whole package of plays written just for White! He wowed the scouts displaying an ability to confidently make all of the necessary repertoire of throws.

There are reports that Jeff Saturday, an outstanding center on the Colts would like to play for the Steelers. His agent is Pittsburgher Ralph Cindrich, so this could really be do-able. Getting a guy like Saturday would take a lot of that first round lineman pressure off the team and it further makes this look like a tantalizing opportunity. Face it, all of the "all-world" offensive linemen will already be gone and anyone we would draft as a lineman probably wouldn't play that much anyway. Pat White could be an immediate impact player and he would add even more blazing speed onto a team that already has "Fast"Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes on its' roster..

Above: Pat White has received permission from Roger Goodell to wear this WWF-style champeen's belt during games. He will be the first player to be granted this exemption since he was the first q.b. to ever win four bowl games EVER!! The Steelers should draft him just for having done that!!!

So when it comes time for the Steelers to draft, don't be surprised when the commish says, "With the 32nd and final pick in the first round, the SuperBowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers select quarterback, Pat White from the University of West Virginia."

So what about Dennis Dixon whom the Steelers already have on their roster? Well first of all expect Byron Leftwich to get a starters job elsewhere. Though he's said that he wants to stay, the money will be too great for him to do so. Charlie Batch will probably remain as the backup with Dixon as third string. Pat White will make the roster as a receiver slash wildcat quarterback giving the "large one" a break from time-to-time.

As long as White doesn't do any more of those mock Pitt "meows" like he did a couple years ago on ESPN during the "Backyard Brawl", he can consider all to be forgiven and will be welcomed into the collective bosom of the Steeler Nation...well at least by those Steeler fans who didn't go to Pitt!