Friday, February 6, 2009

"Steeler Fan For Life" Takes On New Meaning

Above: As is already common knowledge, Pittsburghers are "cradle fans". They grow up wearing the black & gold and those are their favorite colors for their entire life, no matter where they may end up living. This baby has been tucked in under the watch of "The Terrible Towel" and is that much better off on account of it. Now you know the secret as to why Steeler fans can be found all over the country.

Below: A whole potential row of Steeler fans. Notice the footballs above their heads. This way they get to have the Steeler logo emblazoned in their brains forever. They will never forget it and in fact, they will always be strangely drawn to it. This process was first invented by Art Rooney in the 30's. It obviously works, just ask the Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals!

Special thanks to "PB&G" reader Sandy M. who works in Greentree, PA, right up the hill from "The Burgh".