Friday, January 9, 2009


2009 "Blackened Gold" Award winning story

Above: Who knew that there's a Steeler bar located in the Piazza Navona in Rome?

As Pittsburghers, we all have this built-in love for things black & gold, especially if they hit people and are in the NFL Playoffs. Since the Steelers fit this bill, it's understandable that Steeler fever would be at an ever-growing level around this time of year.

In my email today came the a link from a devoted "Pittsburgh's Black and Gold" reader under the heading of "unbelievable"

You'll see the amazing story of Giovanni Possi, a Steeler barkeep in... you guessed it, Rome! Giovanni's here in the Burgh to see his first Steeler game ever this weekend! He even flashes his tickets, talks about the terrible towel and does a famous Steeler fan chant in Italian in front of the Art Rooney statue!!! Check out the link below to this international story about our beloved Black & Gold.

Above: Is this Giovanni's restaurant? It could be, it's got the "Gio" part on it.

Above: Is this Neptune's Fountain or the first side of an eventual goalpost being erected by Roman Steeler fans in the Piazza Navona?