Friday, January 2, 2009

"CLEARING MY DESK"...Editorial Commentary

Desk Isn't All That Needs Uncluttered

It seeems like with each passing year, it gets more and more difficult to deal with Christmas. Or is it just me?

I won't say that I don't have the Christmas Spirit because I spend hours practicing Christmas music with my parish choir and singing at Midnight Mass and also on Christmas day. But believe me, the rest of it has become a real drag.

Take decorating for example. My wife has saved every decoration she's ever purchased or been given in her entire life. This mountain of Christmas resides in our basement awaiting two flights of steps until it finally makes it to the main floor. Aside from the obvious having to lug this stuff up two flights of stairs, the best part is that after you're done decorating you get to take the empty boxes back downstairs...only to repeat this process again after Christmas.

One of the things I've become more aware of as I get older is that I'm very conscious of my excess of non-essential possessions. The funny part about this kind of stuff is that it just seems to take up space and clutter up your life without serving any real purpose.

I'm not going to waste my time declaring that I'm going to lose weight in 2009, but I'm dead serious when I say that my goal for every day in 2009 is going to be eliminating unnecessary possessions and streamlining our household.

I noticed several years ago that my own mother had taken this same project on herself...that's why she periodically will give me a few boxes of stuff like the books I used in Cub Scouts, old science projects, book reports or other pressing necessities of life. So basically she's unloading my old unessential stuff back onto me! Just what I need, more useless stuff! But am I really expected to throw away my Little League Baseball championship trophy?

Getting back to Christmas, this weekend I'll begin that wonderful task of digging the empty boxes back out from the basement in preparation for them being refilled and then returning them to their rightful place in the basement until next year. I can't wait!

I realized a few years ago that part of my problem is that I've lived in the same house for 27 years! Now there are people, I'm sure, who would give their right arm to be able to make that statement. There certainly are advantages. However, for those people who move every six or seven years, there is a natural process that takes place of relieving yourself of unnecessary possessions or translated, "Not wasting space on the moving van". This natural vetting of one's possessions is a very healthy thing and certainly not to be discounted in importance for maintaining your sanity later on in life.

Then of course there are those people who no longer live in your home (your kids) but whose possessions live on in their absence. Oh well, I guess I can't gripe too much about my boys when I'm still getting my Cub Scout stuff out of my own parents' home.

I'll be anxious to see if I can make some progress with ridding myself of possessions I no longer need. I think it's a safe bet that you'll see some of my stuff winding up on ebay or see yours truly at a flea market near you. It's a good goal for me to take on for 2009...and it's more realistic than saying that I'm planning on losing 50 pounds. Who knows, maybe I'll get a few extra bucks out of
it too?

No, this desk isn't in my home, but obviously, I'm not alone in dealing with this problem.