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While exploring the high seas of the internet this week, I came across a unique site titled Since its' mast head said that it was "for real freaks" I knew I was at the right place.

What I'll never understand is how the people who assemble these collections of real odd photos manage to do it, but in this case, Martin posted ninety bizarre photos of computers doing unnatural things. In some cases the poor things have suffered terrible abuse as people are wont to do even with their pets.

I'm posting below what I thought were the best of the best of these photos, but I want to encourage you to visit Freaky Martin because there are tons of other things there like "Brides in Underwear" (35 photos).

My own computer here at "P.B. & G." could find itself in this collection if it doesn't start behaving pretty darn quick. We all love computers, but strangely enough hate them at the same time.

I saw a quote the other day from Stephen Hawking where the esteemed great thinker, obviously angered over a computer virus on his wheelchair computer, said in that robot synthesized voice of his, "If we consider a virus to be a living thing, then how ironic that the only living thing ever created by man is something that destroys life like a computer virus."

Well said Stephen!

I know, personally, that I would love to take a hammer to some of these people's computers and maybe a few choice blows to them too! I'm sure that somewhere on some remote island in Indonesia, Al Qaeda has set up rooms full of people doing nothing but creating viruses. Who else would be sick enough to do this?

Anyway, I digress. So let's enjoy some real entertainment on a rainy weekend with some wacky computer photos. Thanks Freaky Martin!

ABOVE: Here's a computer that apparently has been redesigned to run the Space Shuttle program for NASA by a blogger.

ABOVE: Who hasn't dreamed about doing something like this? This creative blogger turned his dreams into reality!

ABOVE: Who needs a computer that overheats? Not this guy!

ABOVE: This blogger had serious overheating issues so he brought out the big guns!

ABOVE: I am truly impressed that someone would have the knowldege to do this. I also like the sign. I can just see some prankster switching one wire and screwing up the whole thing...just for laughs.

ABOVE: We've all thought about it, this blogger did it!

ABOVE: An obviously-enraged blogger with karate knowledge goes over the edge and damages a perfectly good desk.

ABOVE: I'm seriously considering using this for my new picture on "CLEARING MY DESK".

ABOVE: This aspiring Luke Skywalker has really built a flight simulator that we can all be proud of!

ABOVE: This envoronmentally-conscious blogger accomplishes two things at once: He destroys his hated computer while at the same time cooking some delicious kabobs. Only problem is that he's roasting that meat in noxious fumes being released from all those viruses (and plastic, etc.).

ABOVE: Just when you think you have a bad computer you come across a picture like this so that you can say to yourself, "Hey, I don't have it so bad after all!"

ABOVE: When something as terrible as this happens to your computer, there's only one thing that you can do...

ABOVE: No one can have a dirty computer. You could catch a virus! There now, you're as good as new!

ABOVE: A perfectly good use for an old monitor!

ABOVE: Yet another keyboard wantonly damaged by an inconsiderate smoker. He'll probably blame Al Qaeda for all of his computer problems too!

ABOVE: This blogger obviously "lost it" over this laptop.

ABOVE: Al Qaeda operatives secretly designing new viruses in their island headquarters. Once we find out where this secret base is, I'm sure there will be a "smart bomb" heading their way! I'll fly it out there myself!!!

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