Monday, August 31, 2009


...Editorial Commentary

By Angelo Spagnolo, Publisher

Typically, when September rolls around in this region, thoughts center on Back to School sales, Labor Day, Fantasy Football drafts and the Steelers' opening game. While all of those
events are still in the process of taking place as this piece is being composed, this year there is an event coming that is so big that it literally will dwarf anything that's ever happened before in the history of Pittsburgh, even this year's Steeler and Penguin parades!

ABOVE: All of the city's art treasures will be on display for the summit.

ABOVE: Mayor Luke and Chairman Dan are on the lookout for protesters and another $8 million bucks to cover the total cost...but can you imagine how many photo ops Luke will have with 24 heads of state in town all at once?

The G-20 Summit is guaranteed to be the first time in the storied history of our city where Pittsburgh will be center stage for the entire world for two days. While this opportunity was initially intriguing and even awe-inspiring to local politicians, by this time we're sure that the reality of past G-20 meetings has more than made them realize that our city is in for something it's never seen before.

Pittsburgh is going to attempt to do two things: Put the entire city on lock down while at the same time showcasing its' beauty and the progress it has made since our steel manufacturing economy went belly-up in the early 80's. This is not going to be an easy feat to pull off.

ABOVE: You might as well be aware of it, there are big things being planned for Pittsburgh and they're not all good.

The city has already amassed thousands of police officers from around the country who will assist in security for the world leaders in attendance. It has already been announced that Point State Park will become a giant tent city for the assembled officers. This show of force will cost the city millions of dollars and while the Obama Administration has already agreed to underwrite massive amounts of expense, the city reportedly is still looking at an $8 million dollar shortfall at this time (although Mayor Luke disputed that number yesterday).

While the city will obviously be the beneficiary of much commerce (drink taxes, hotel and rental car taxes, etc.) and p.r., the potential for confrontation at an event such as this is so great that it practically tends to counteract any good public relations that the city could garner because of worldwide television coverage. In fact, when was the last time that there was a G-20 Summit where there weren't scenes of violence, confrontations between riot police and protesters and scenes of car burnings and window smashing?

Yes, the world is going to get a good look at Pittsburgh in the week before the summit as the world's journalists descend upon "America's Most Livable City." The city, to its' credit, has put together an impressive array of press tours for the worldwide visitors to get a closeup view of what Pittsburgh is all about. For our part, "Pittsburgh's Black and gold" will be there to report on two of these international journalist tours.

ABOVE: A unique flag in distress. This one, instead of having the stars in a typical American flag, has the logos of American companies.

The first tour will be of the many robotics initiatives going on in the city today and will feature Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. Pittsburgh has become the world's leader in robotics research. We would like to share a glimpse of what the world will soon be seeing and hearing about our city by being a part of this internationally-flavored tour and bringing our report to you.
ABOVE: Quick, think of G-20 Summit: What's the first thing that pops into your head? I thought so... Will Pittsburgh in 2009 be different? Don't hold your breath on that!

Later, we'll then be a part of Pitt's "Biomedical Science Tower 3" tour where groundbreaking research is taking place every day. Both of these tours promise to be incredibly interesting and should provide you, a person who has great interest in the City of Pittsburgh, with a perspective of the "Burgh" that you've never seen before.
ABOVE: The people who demonstrate at G-20s obviously blame any problems they may have in their lives on capitalism. They apparently prefer some other failed "ism".

Along with seeing and photographing these facilities, I'm also anxious to meet journalists from around the world and at the same time possibly help them to get a better perspective on the city they are covering. It should be very interesting.

ABOVE: The Brits really have a "thing" for rioting. Let's hope that the cost of a plane ticket discourages them from coming here.

A few days later the real fun will begin as the talks will get underway at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center or "ground zero" as some may refer to it.

ABOVE: Oh those crazy Brits. They've had a lot more experience rioting at G-20s in London than what we've had here. As an example, the guy in the photo above wants to, "eat the bankers." This is a novel approach to an ages-old problem, but when you think about it, it really could work.

While I'm certainly anxious to be a part of the tours and meeting the international media, there is a certain amount of trepidation that this type of an event has a way of generating. Here's to hoping that Pittsburgh pulls it off...that it gets the word out around the world about the positive changes that have happened here for the economy and for the environment, without having full-scale riots as a backdrop for that progress.

ABOVE: As the song says, "There's gonna be a riot tonight." It sure looks like some people are planning just that. Brace yourself Pittsburgh.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Editor's Note--Dick LeBeau isn't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame...yet. But his chances just got a whole lot better this week when it was announced that the Veterans' Committee had nominated LeBeau and former Denver running back, Floyd Little, to the electors for consideration this year.

People have been clamoring for him for so long that it seemed most appropriate a few weeks ago when former Steeler great, Rod Woodson, voiced his opinion about this glaring miscarriage of justice at his own induction ceremony. Apparently, the groundswell of sentiment has now grown sufficiently large enough that the committee agreed to finally nominate him while he's still an active coach! So now this amazing man is poised and on the brink of going just where he belongs Canton, Ohio!

As is the case with 99% of all Pittsburgh Steeler fans, I have long known of the greatness of Dick LeBeau. However, it wasn't until I began researching this story that I realized the depth and scope of this man's awesome accomplishments. So what I've decided to do is to put together the most massive tribute ever done to Dick LeBeau...something as big as the man's extraordinary accomplishments. There will be one major detail that must be clarified before you read this piece: The story is far from over! Dick LeBeau is no closer to retiring today than he was five years ago! At 71 years, 352 days and counting, Dick LeBeau is as vibrant and driven today as he was when he first began coaching back in 1973. At this point, I guess it's almost safe to call him the "JoePa of the NFL" eventhough he hasn't only been with one team.

So sit back, Dear Readers, clear about ten minutes or so from your busy schedule so that you may drink deeply of the wonderful football beverage that is one Charles Richard "Dick" LeBeau.



Is Dick LeBeau an alien? He could be! In fact, after studying this man's entire life, I would say that the odds now favor alien because his achievements truly have been more superhuman than mere mortal. Consider:

After being named a High School All-American out of London (Ohio) high school, LeBeau decides to matriculate to THE Ohio State University then coached by fiery Woody Hayes (LEFT). While playing at OSU, LeBeau plays both ways at tailback and defensive back. In 1957, the Buckeyes finished as Co-National Champions. During that championship season, young Dick LeBeau, playing both sides of the ball, scored two touchdowns as State came back to defeat their hated rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, 31-14.

But young Dick LeBeau had bigger things in mind after graduation from Ohio State. He was ready for a career in the NFL. That chance came around for him in the 1959 draft as he was selected in the fifth round by a team that was, in those early days, one of the most prestigious... the Cleveland Browns. Amazingly, LeBeau did not make the Browns squad, but he did sign on as a free agent with the Detroit Lions. Lucky them, and in retrospect, a typical Browns move.

During the next 14 seasons, LeBeau played in 185 games and holds the current NFL record for most consecutive games played at cornerback (171). But LeBeau was not just playing, he was dominating. Renowned for his ability to anticipate the pass and break to the ball, LeBeau piled up 62 interceptions during his career and 762 interception return yards, third most in league history. Three of his interceptions were returned for touchdowns. LeBeau made it to the Pro Bowl three times and in 1970, he set a career mark for interceptions in a single season with nine.

ABOVE: Dick LeBeau, sans helmet, striking one of those crazy early football "action" poses.

Immediately after finishing his amazing playing career, LeBeau started right into coaching where he served as special teams coach in Philadelphia under Mike McCormack. Who would have known back then that the man who was indestructible as a player would be indomitable as a coach too?

In all, LeBeau has coached during 36 campaigns, thus making him one of the very few men in NFL history to pile up 50 years combined between playing and coaching. But just as distinctive as when he was a player, LeBeau has been equally as distinctive as a coach, merely adding fuel to the "extraterrestrial mystique".

In the early 80's, for example, while with Cincinnati, LeBeau created his famous "Fire Zone" or now as it's known in Pittsburgh, the "Zone Blitz". He explained in a later interview, "It was a thought process kind of born out of necessity. It was basically an outcropping of the "run and shoot" that was becoming pretty prevalent in the league back then. We were in the same division with Houston and they were pretty tremendous at it with Moon and company. Then the "West Coast Offense" began spreading throughout the league . Those were all quick-rhythm-get-the-ball-out-of-your-hands-quick types of passing games. We were just looking for ways to get pressure without exposing our defensive backs to have to cover the whole field all of the time." ("Philadelphia Daily News")

While LeBeau has been tremendously successful as a position coach and later as a coordinator, he did have a brief term as Head Coach of the Bengals that in retrospect would become the low point of his career. After that disaster, his old friend Tom Donohoe hired him as the Assistant Head Coach under then-coach Greg Williamson in Buffalo. LeBeau was not long for Buffalo, coaching there only one season.. When the Steelers called him after cutting loose their coordinator, Tim Lewis, LeBeau quickly accepted a return to the Black and Gold and has been there ever since...even despite the departure of then-head-coach, Bill Cowher.

When the Steelers brought in young Mike Tomlin, there was rampant speculation in the media that he might change coordinators since he had worked with different defensive schemes in both Tampa and Minnesota prior to coming to Pittsburgh. However, to his credit, Tomlin did no such thing, instead wisely opting "not to fix it if it ain't broken" as we like to say around here. The result has been a coaching marriage made in heaven. Tomlin has the luxury of having the most respected defensive mind possibly ever in the league running his defense while also being able to focus his attention with a more team-wide approach. The result has been that the Steelers, under Tomlin and LeBeau have been the best coached overall team with far and away the stingiest defense. Don't be shocked if they "Do it again this year" too.

Just how good have LeBeau's defenses been since he came back to the Steelers? 2004- First; 2005-Fourth; 2006-Ninth; 2007-First and 2008, First. Don't expect the defense to have much of a dropoff this season either.

So to summarize the still-continuing saga of this amazing man, here's what LeBeau has captured so far during his storied career: National Championship at Ohio State in 1957, 5-time AFC Champion (as coach), two-time SuperBowl winner (as coach), played in three Pro Bowls and holds records for durability, longevity and interceptions as a player with the Lions.

So while we haven't come to a firm conclusion that Dick LeBeau is indeed an extraterrestrial, we have, however, determined that his accomplishments far exceed those of any mere mortal. Who can possibly argue that? in this writer's opinion, anyone not voting for him for induction into the Hall of Fame should be permanently disbarred as a voter and then maybe even abducted by aliens!
ABOVE: As both a player and a coach, Dick Lebeau has only been stellar throughout, except when Mike Brown nearly caused his coaching legacy to go "kaplooey" much the same way as Marvin Lewis' once-promising career in also now languishing there.

ABOVE: Is Dick LeBeau yet another example of the "Peter Principle"? Was he promoted to a level of incompetence, or was he promoted to a level by an incompetent organization then left out to dry? Judging from the amazing success he's had his entire life, it's safe to say that the problem was clearly with the Bengals organization. But as they say, their loss is our gain. We'd much rather see LeBeau in a Steeler hat and headset RIGHT, than in Bengal pumpkin.

ABOVE: LeBeau has been compared by some to Aussie actor Paul Hogan. He can also be seen in the 1970 movie "Too Late the Hero" starring Michael Caine (LEFT). LeBeau played Caine's stunt double in a scene. There seems to be no shortage of things that this multi-talented man can and already has accomplished both on and off the field!

ABOVE: Much in the same manner as Chuck Noll, LeBeau is not a one-dimensional, football-only type of person. No, he is a "Renaissance man" in the finest Steeler tradition. At one time he even carried a +1 golf handicap! Always the family man, Dick had three daughters and a son with his deceased first wife Phyllis and also a son and daughter with his second wife, Nancy. So he even has great prowess where it truly counts!

ABOVE: LeBeau's face contains a wonderful assortment of human conditions: Quiet, introspective, intelligent, personable, humble, confident and clearly being the man in charge of the Steeler defense. His players would have it no other way.

ABOVE: LeBeau is never afraid to bundle up in "Cream of Wheat" weather. You don't get to be nearly 72 and still coaching in the NFL by being stupid!

LEFT: Even though this is LeBeau's 11th season in two different coaching stints with the Steelers, most people aren't aware of the fact he has coached a total of 18 years with the Bengals during two different periods of his career as well! In addition, he also coached a total of seven years between Philadelphia and Green Bay early in his coaching life, first as a special teams coach, then as defensive backfield coach.

ABOVE: The man who succeeded LeBeau at Cincinnati, Marvin Lewis, holds up a Dick LeBeau rookie card at LeBeau's 50 year celebration at London High School. Obviously there are no hard feelings there.

ABOVE: Part of the large crowd that gathered at LeBeau's alma mater, to celebrate their most famous alumni's 50th anniversary in the NFL.

ABOVE: LeBeau celebrates his 50 years with his biggest fan, his mother, Beulah.

ABOVE: Normally more reserved by nature, Dick LeBeau is never afraid to smile or share a laugh with his players. While he is intense about football, he manages to balance that love with an appreciation for life. Methinks this may have something to do with the basis for his popularity.

ABOVE: Chairman Dan Rooney, President Art II, and NFL Director of Football Operations, Mike Kensil, gathered to commemorate LeBeau's 50th year in the NFL.

ABOVE: LeBeau and Tomlin have combined to form the most solid of relationships and have the highest degree of respect for one another.

ABOVE: LeBeau enjoys a wonderful rapport with all of his players. He is literally revered by them. Imagine their joy when then-new-coach Mike Tomlin wisely decided to retain him on his new staff!!
ABOVE: If there was ever anybody you'd want to have taking care of your goal line, no question, it's this guy.

ABOVE: The man behind Coach Tomlin celebrates a defensive stop in the goalline drill at the St. Vincent's training camp. Tomlin enjoys a laugh out of it.

ABOVE: Tomlin clearly has the ear of all of his players. They would walk through the fires of hell for the man they call, "Coach Dad".

Above: Dick LeBeau acknowledges the cheers for him at a victory parade in Pittsburgh.

ABOVE: Perhaps one of the biggest compliments LeBeau ever received came when all of the Steelers got off the plane in Detroit at SuperBowl XL wearing LeBeau jerseys. A classy move by a bunch of guys who truly love their coach. They've even bought him a Rolex in the past! The Pittsburgh fan wearing this LeBeau jersey also recognizes true class when he sees it!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


What an incredible Sunday
In Pittsburgh!!!

ABOVE: November 24, 2007, Pope Benedict installs former Pittsburgher, Daniel DiNardo as the youngest Cardinal in the world! It's not often that you get to have a fellow alum who is on the Pope's short list of closest friends! ABOVE RIGHT: The logo of the former Bishop's Latin School that unfortunately was closed in 1973. BELOW: Alumni President, Tony Fisher, presents the gift of a crozier from the alumni association to Cardinal DiNardo at the beautiful St. Stanislaus Koska Church in the strip district. This magnificent church is a must see for any Pittsburgher.

"P.B. & G." photos by Gary Gayda

ABOVE: An obviously-delighted committee member, Ria Whitehill of Pittsburgh, gets to pose with Cardinal DiNardo.

I spent all day Sunday with another fellow alum, Gary Gayda '71, (our featured photographer here at "P.B.& G.") at the "Bishop's Latin School Alumni's Cardinal Wright Vocations Mass and Awards Dinner". First we had a very inspiring Mass with the Principal Celebrant being our most famous alum and former Pittsburgher, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo (now of Houston, TX). At that Mass, Bea Vallone, mother of Fr. Lou Vallone '65, was given the first "My Mother, My Rock" award in a very moving ceremony. Pittsburgh's own terrific Bishop, David Zubik, along with dozens of alumni priests and the seminarians from St. Paul's Seminary in Crafton then attended our annual awards dinner.

ABOVE: WTAE's Mike Clark was one of three recipients of the Bishop's Latin School's most prestigious honor, the "Cardinal Wright Award," named after the school's founder and one-time Bishop of Pittsburgh.

It had to literally be one of the greatest high school reunions ever held by any high school. After the dinner was over and all of the awards had been presented (including among others, to WTAE's anchorman, Mike Clark and BLS grads Deacon Stephen J. Byers'71 (now of the University of Pittsburgh) and Dr. Barry Wentland M.D.'73) Gary surprised me by giving me a copy of this print of PNC Park that we had published just a few weeks ago.

ABOVE: Oh yeah, that'll look good hanging in "The Male Bonding Room" at my place!

Our alumni association each year has a very successful silent auction at our dinner featuring Pittsburgh memorabilia from my son Don's "Steel City Auctions Gallery," and this year, for the first time, we also had a quantity of Gary Gayda's Pittsburgh portraits matted and ready for framing. The sales were very strong and both of these lines offer a great fund-raising potential for both non-profits and charity groups alike. If your organization would be interested in having a fundraiser that is both risk-free and trouble free, contact Don at the Steel City Auctions Gallery at: or visit his online gallery at Gary Gayda can be reached at and you can also contact him if you wish to purchase any of his photos published here each week.

This week we have a shot that is classic Pittsburgh. I'll never forget several years ago, my wife and I visited Puerto Rico and the "Hotel El Conquistador Resort" and after arriving we learned that the hotel had its' very own funicular. They had signs everywhere that said: "Funicular ahead", "Funicular right" or "Funicular: Leaves every ten minutes." So what was this funicular?

ABOVE: Photographer, Gary Gayda

ABOVE: It's pretty steep and the view is certainly impressive, but for pure terror, Pittsburgh's wins hands down because it's an antique! You always have that doubt lurking in the back of your head: Is today the day the cable's going to snap?

ABOVE: Your view of the marina area as you head down the El Conquistador funicular.

ABOVE: The funicular connects the El Conquistador Resort with golf course and casino (top) and their marina and oceanside rooms (bottom). Quite the setup.

Main Entry: fu·nic·u·lar
Pronunciation: \fyu̇-ˈni-kyə-lər, fə-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin funiculus
Date: 1664
1 : having the form of or associated with a cord usually under tension2 [New Latin funiculus] : of, relating to, or being a
funiculus3 : of, relating to, or being a funicular


ABOVE: Yeah, that definition really helps explain it.

To answer the question "What is a funicular?" in pure Pittsburgher terms, GARY GAYDA comes to the rescue with a shot of one of our own, one of the very few in existence in the entire world. So without further adieu, here's this week's installment of PITTSBURGH: THROUGH THE LENS OF GARY GAYDA!

#13...... "THE FUNICULAR"

photograph copyright 2009, Gary Gayda

ABOVE: Now this my friends is a funicular! Another reason why the G-20 Summit is coming to Pittsburgh. Views like these aren't seen in many places around the world and there aren't many funiculars around either. The Duquesne Incline figures to be getting some extra ridership during this event. Hopefully the incline rides will distract a few of the professional protesters who most assuredly will be in attendance. In the distance, the West End Bridge crosses the newly-formed Ohio just upriver. The funicular in Puerto Rico was great, but for sheer drama and antiquity, you can't beat Pittsburgh's Duquesne or even Monongahela Inclines!


photograph copyright 2009, Gary Gayda

ABOVE: As the Duquesne Incline continues to proceed down Mt. Washington, there is one thing that you can make book a few minutes you'll see its' sister car heading back up the mountain!