Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's Tuesday, so that means it's time to get an opportunity to see Pittsburgh through the lens of Pittsburgh photographer, Gary Gayda. Before we get to this week's shot, a brief reminder that Gary will be displaying his work this weekend at the arts and crafts show on Shiloh Street on Mt.Washington, so if you like what you see here at "P.B. & G.", well you'll be able to multiply it by about a hundred at Gary's showing there!

This week we're going to delve into the world of classic, black and white photography with two images for you (since we heard that you've been good).

ABOVE: Photographer Gary Gayda can be reached for prints of your favorite photos by contacting him directly at GMGayda@yahoo.com. Simply specify the photo number and size that you're interested in and he will respond to your request.

So sit back now and soak in another riveting episode of:

"Pittsburgh, Through The Lens of Gary Gayda.

#5 PNC PARK CIRCA 2009 (prime exposure)

ABOVE: Exterior shot of PNC Park during a Pirate game.

#6 PNC PARK CIRCA 1899 (over exposure)

ABOVE: So many old time photographs have this flatter, over-exposed appearance to them because lenses weren't often up to the task or dark room skills were lacking. By changing exposure settings in the lab, Gary Gayda is able to completely change the mood and tone on this print from the same negative printed above. If it wasn't for the jumbotron scoreboard, you'd swear this was taken in 1899.

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