Monday, July 13, 2009


Well it's time for another weekly installment of our pictorial series, "Pittsburgh: Through the Lens of Gary Gayda". In this week's gorgeous photo, Gary takes a shot up the Mon River and catches the Fort Pitt Bridge. It's dusk and the city is preparing for another evening. Any minute now the street lights will begin going on in neighborhoods all over the city...time for the kids to get home!

As usual, if you are interested in ordering prints, contact Gary Gayda directly at Specify the picture number and size that you are interested in and Gary will contact you.

ABOVE: Photographer Gary Gayda

Number 4 "The Most Beautiful City"... at Dusk.

ABOVE: With a red sky in the background foretelling a "sailor's delight", Pittsburghers all over the city get ready to flip on their light switches.

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