Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates Mathematical Luck Equation: "P" x 1 = 0

Let's go back to school shall we? To a class I always hated (among many others in high school) Algebra. I have for you an opportunity to put all of those boring Algebra classes to use for the first time in your life!

Here is your quiz for today: If the letter "P" represents the amount of luck that the Pittsburgh Pirates have in general and you multiply that number times one, what number does "P" represent if the final answer is zero?

LEFT:(Final Jeopardy theme music plays here)

Of course for the answer, "P" must equal zero since this is the Pirates we're talking about after all.

This time it was the one inning debut of newly acquired rookie pitcher Charlie Morton. Morton looked as awesome as I expected him to be: tall and rangy with just enough build to look like a power pitcher. As he took the mound he looked very confident, but he had been having several discussions with his coaches prior to going out on the field. There seemed to be some concern.

As Morton began pitching he started showing off his heater: 93, 95, then his nasty curve. He allowed a soft liner over the outstretched glove of Jack Wilson, but he got Chipper Jones to end the inning. Then came the major confab.

ABOVE: Charlie Morton last year in a Braves uni. Damaged goods?

After meeting with pitching coach, Joe Kerrigan, who did NOT have a happy look on his face, Morton went down the tunnel to the clubhouse. His work on this night was finished. About an inning later we learned that Morton had experienced a "tightness" in his hamstring while warming up. As broadcaster Bob Walk observed, "It couldn't have been a problem with his arm or his shoulder, because I can't imagine throwing a ball much better than he was doing."

Hopefully Morton will be able to quickly rehab this hamstring tweak because he certainly has the look of a "real deal" for the Pirates, their overall luck notwithstanding. Morton's next scheduled start would be next Tuesday in Minnesota. The Pirates expect Morton to be able to start.

Above: GM Neal Huntington had to be gobbling Rolaids by the gross last night.

GAME NOTES: To make room on the roster, the Pirates sent Tom Gorzelanny down to Triple-A Indianapolis. "Gorzo" had a good stint as a reliever, but the Pirates are committed to returning him to being a starter. He will join the rotation in Indy. In nine appearances he was 3-1 with five earned runs, seven strikeouts and four walks...Jeff Karstens made a decent showing in relief of Morton going 4 2/3 innings. The Buccos hung on for a 3-2 win, their first of the series after two other tough one run losses including a 15 inning heart breaker... Andrew McCutchen had a rough night at the plate and saw his batting average drop from .400 to .320.However, McCutchen made a great over-the-shoulder catch in dead center field at the base of the wall. With McCutchen and Nyjer Morgan, the Pirates have two of the fastest players in baseball and more than likely the fastest one-two combination in team history.

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