Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ABOVE: Bill Cowher in full siren mode. "To Hell With My Legacy" he thought. "This reminds me too much of the good old days."

After watching Bill Cowher's shameful Benedict Arnold routine and the subsequent systematic dismantling of the last vestiges of the Carolina Hurricanes by the Penguins, I was uncharacteristically troubled. Why had Mr. Bill done it? He was more than a former Steeler coach, he was a native Pittsburgher after all! But it was more than that. Looking at the repeated replays of Bill Cowher, joy on his face, glimmer in his eyes, I realized there was more to it than cranking a warning siren. But what was it?

Instead of enjoying a contented sleep, I spent a restless night tossing, turning, seeing that intensely jovial face time and time again furiously turning that crank. Why was the former beloved Steeler coach so determined to crank this siren while showing indifference to his home town and their beloved Penguins? I was deeply troubled.

Bleary-eyed, the next morning I trudged to the bathroom to complete my morning ritual: Brush teeth, shave, shower, dress. The usual. I turned on my bathroom radio to listen to Jim Krenn and the boys at WDVE as I normally do. Unexpectedly, during one of their comic routines the topic turned to Coach Cowher's siren proclivities. It was then that my demon was exorcised. Jimmy hit the nail on the head calling Cowher's siren twisting similar to a child's use of a "Jack In The Box"! THAT WAS IT!!! Take a look at Cowher turning this siren crank and imagine him as a two-year-old waiting for that clown to pop out at any second! That's the look on Bill Cowher's face last night!!!

Thank you to the DVE Morning Show for clearing that up. As usual, you guys are on top of everything Pittsburgh. So now that we know why Bill Cowher did it, I thought it would be fun to look at some other jackasses er make that Jack In The Boxes (or is it Jacks In The Box?)

ABOVE: An old time Jack In The Box. Probably very similar to Mr. Bill's original one back in Crafton.

ABOVE: A very famous Jack who still resides primarily on the west coast. Rumor has it that Raleigh could be in line for one.

ABOVE: A demented, sinister Jack. Probably the stuff of a little Billy Cowher nightmare!

ABOVE: In its' pristine form, the Jack In The Box can be a humorous, jovial why do people have to mess with it?

ABOVE: Jack mixes it up with "The King". These were actually Halloween costumes. Not bad!

ABOVE: Any list of Jack In The Boxes would be incomplete without Barack Obama.

ABOVE: Here's a typical Pittsburgher's best Christmas gift for Bill Cowher!


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