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Above: Mirjana Soldo, while in the process of experiencing a revelation by the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovinia

Being a fairly large city that's a picturesque place to visit and that has plenty of universities, Pittsburgh gets more than its' fair share of interesting visitors. But few could match the speaker who came to town on Sunday at the Palumbo Center on the campus of Duquesne University. While the Penguins and Pirates were playing games yesterday, none other than Mirjana Soldo, the famous visionary of Medjugorje, addressed a large gathering of the faithful and curious.

At an invitation received from my mother, my wife, Darlene joined a group of friends and relatives to listen to this woman--through an interpreter--who has had many visits with the Blessed Mother. Since this was a "ladies afternoon out" I retired to the comfort of my recliner only to be aggravated by the Penguins and Pirates (I guess there's a message in there somewhere).

At this point you're probably wondering what's this story doing on a sports and humor blog? But I'm getting to that, so be patient!

The lengthy program included, among many other things, an opportunity for people in the audience to write questions to Mirjana Soldo about her visits with Mary and then hear her answers through an interpreter. I was fascinated hearing my wife relating some of them such as...

QUESTION: "What does the Blessed Mother look like?" That seems like a reasonable question I thought. ANSWER: She has long dark hair and blue eyes.

QUESTION: "What type of clothes does Mary wear?" Again, this seemed like a normal, logical question, I thought. ANSWER: A long grey dress with a blue veil and she floats about two feet off the ground.

QUESTION: "Has Mary made any references about the Pittsburgh Steelers to you lately?"


I could just imagine in my head the sound of a record needle being dragged across a piece of vinyl. Is the Blessed Mother a Steeler fan? That's your question?

I'm sure my own mother was just thrilled hearing that irreverent question. If there's one thing that she doesn't joke about, it's her religion. She's all business and doesn't like people making light of Catholicism or Christianity. She's an Italian grandmother through and through. Was it meant by its' author to be a light-hearted reference to our team that we dare presume it to be loved by even the Mother of God?, Or was it a sarcastic comment by a non-believer meant to demean Mirjana Soldo and her visions of Mary, the Blessed Mother?

This type of thing could happen "Only in Pittsburgh", where some events are important and other things, like the Steelers and the NFL are really important!

Of course early this year we'll never forget the famous T shirt that Baltimore Ravens fans were spotted wearing during the AFC Championship. In this football-crazed environment that we live in we shouldn't be surprised by anything!

Above: I guess I'm just surprised that someone else didn't ask who The Blessed Mother wanted the Steelers to draft on Saturday. Thank goodness nobody brought up the "Immaculate Reception" too!

So what was the answer to the Steeler question you ask? After a brief explanation from her interpreter as to what the Pittsburgh Steelers actually were, Mirjana Soldo smiled, laughed politely and shook her head no.

After all, she had far more important things than the Pittsburgh Steelers to talk about...and imagine, she was in Pittsburgh doing it!

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