Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers Move To Front Of Line In All-Time NFL And All-Time Pittsburgh Rankings

"The Stat Rat" unearths little-known rankings

Missed in the recent information overload that has been otherwise known as "SuperBowl XLIII" are some very interesting statistics that have been dug up by our resident "Stat Rat".

It seems that yer "Pittsburgh Stillers" did more than just win their "six pack" trophy. In defeating the Arizona Cardinals 27-23, they also moved into first place all alone atop the all-time National Football League championship standings.

But there is another pennant race that gets very little coverage in this city and that is the All- Time Pittsburgh National Championships Standings. Very few people realize that in the past four years that there has been a seismic shift in the Pittsburgh tectonic plate. By winning SuperBowls XL and XLIII, here now are your new standings.

1) (surprise, surprise)"Rooney U." has just passed the Pittsburgh Pirates as the city's winner of the most championships with six. Amazingly, they've accomplished this since only 1974, the year of their first title. Before that, the Steelers languished in mediocrity for over 40 years.
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 Titles in 75 seasons 7.99% of the time winning the championship (13.95% during the SuperBowl modern era).

2)The currently moribund Pittsburgh Pirates franchise last won a title in 1979. They won their first World Series in the 1909 season, 99 years ago, so they've won five World Series in 99 years, not a great ratio. Don't expect them to "win her all" this year either, so it's safe to say that the Buccos should be stuck on "5" for a while.

Pittsburgh Pirates 5 Titles in 99 seasons 5.05% of the time winning the championship.

Even though they're not a pro team, the Pitt football Panthers have also won 5 national titles although only one of them, their last one in 1976 came in modern times. Their basketball program has never won a national title, but this year they very possibly could be standing near the precipice. Pitt also has 5 other "shared titles" owing to the fact that college football has never been able to figure out how to determine a true champion. So it's pretty tough to include Pitt in these standings when these professional teams weren't playing bowl games.

Pitt Panthers 5 to 10 national titles (depending on who you talk to).

3)Pittsburgh Penguins 2 Titles in 40 seasons 5.0% of the time winning the championship.

In last place in the standings are the Pittsburgh Penguins with 2 titles. While in fairness the Penguins have only been in existence for 40 years, they had little success and never even appeared in the Cup Finals before Mario Lemieux came on the scene. They won back-to-back Cups in '91 and '92, then sunk back into relative obscurity after his retirement until Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin came to town. They came close last year and their young team still has a lot of years to go, so we could look at them closing the current gap on the Pirates during the next several years.

STAT RAT View From 10,000 Feet

Altogether, the three Pittsburgh professional sports franchises have played a total of 214 seasons with a scant 13 seasons being overal championship ones. This translates to a championship ratio of just 6.07% of the time.

If we look at the last 40 years, however, the numbers improve dramatically. The three franchises have played 120 seasons but won 10 titles! This translates to a ratio of 8.33% of the time. During those 40 years the individual percentages look like this: Steelers 6/40- 15%. Pirates and Penguins both 2/40- 5% title years.
So how does this compare to a big city like, say, New York?

By comparison, the "mighty" eight New York sports franchises have had a combined total of 494 seasons with 51 titles (the Yankees have purchased an amazing 26 titles in 95 years or "bought it all" a staggering 26.80% of the time). The overall winning percentage among all the New York teams is 10.32%

So the difference between New York and Pittsburgh sports franchises "winning it all" is 10.32% to 6.06% of the time. Here's how the New York teams stack up: Yankees 27.36%, Islanders 11.11%, Giants 8.43%, Nets 4.87%, Rangers 4.81%, Mets 4.34%, Jets 4.16%, Knicks 3.22%.

If you subtract the juggernaut Yankees from the equation, the remaining seven teams that can't just buy titles have 399 seasons and just 25 championships. The percentage drops precipitously to 6.26% almost equal to Pittsburgh's 6.06%.!

Those are stats worthy of the Stats rat!

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