Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slow Day At The Pittsburgh Zoo

Did you ever wonder what goes on in the dead of winter at the Pittsburgh Zoo? Well wonder no more! Just click on this link: . Be sure to donate to the zoo if you can. The silverbacks are eating them out of house and home!

Above: Zuza the silverback. Very mean, built low to the ground. Hates being held. Requires extra large helmet.

One thing is for certain, the zookeepers have a lot of time on their hands now, but at least they're keeping the animals involved with current Pittsburgh events! That's what makes Pittsbugh's Zoo one of the best in the world!
special thanks to ESPN's Dave Waugaman for letting us in on the zoo mischief!

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Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium said...

Hi. Thanks for the Pittsburgh Zoo comments. We're (the animals are) having a Steelers pep rally on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. to kick off a special promotion: Bring in Your Terrible Towel Between Now and Feb. 1 and GET FREE ADMISSION! This Saturday, we're giving the silverback a snowman with a Cardinals shirt on it, we're hanging cardboard cardinals from the trees in the lion exhibit (where the lions can get them) and our orangutans will get Terrible Towels and Steelers shirts to play with. Finally, the Kodiak bear will predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. I hope you don't mind the self promotion, but I thought you might like the chance to see the animals having fun in person. Check out our Facebook group page for more info.