Saturday, December 6, 2008

Steelers-Cowboys: Should be some cattle punchin' goin' on

Git along l'il doggie.

It's going to be some collision Sunday when the Steelers face the Dallas Cowboys. Not just for the caliber of the two teams today, but for what they represent in terms of past Super Bowl hardware collected by both.

You live for these.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys have combined for 10 Super Bowl championships in the first 42 Super Bowls that have been played. That represents a very disproportionate 23.80% of the time that one of these two franchises has won it all or nearly one out of every four Super Bowls!

When you consider Super Bowl appearances of the 84 teams that have competed in the first 42 games played, the Cowboys have 8 appearances, the Steelers, 6 for a combined 14 total appearances or 16.66%. Amazingly, this translates to mean that of ever five teams that qualifies for a Super Bowl appearance, chances are one of them will with either have a star on their helmet or be wearing black & gold. Not too shabby when you consider how many teams there are in the NFL and how competitive the league is.

The Steelers are 2-1 in the Super Bowl versus the "Cryboys" as the late broadcaster Myron Cope loved to call them.

I'm sure that the oddsmakers would agree that right now, the Steelers' chances of making it to the next Super Bowl would be a lot better than the Cowboys' since they fell on hard times with Tony Romo's finger injury. However, Romo is back for this game, so their chances have markedly improved. Most pundits are in agreement though that this is a must win game for the Cowboys and that they may have to win all of their remaining games to get into the playoffs. After the Steelers, the Cowboys face the Giants and then the Ravens. Talk about having your work cut out for you! Yoi and double yoi!

While this writer feels that the Steelers are the superior team on many fronts in this matchup, the combination to watch is not going to be Romo to Terrell Owens, but rather Romo to Jason Witten, their stud tight end. Everyone knows that the Steelers can stop any running game and having a banged-up Marion Barber isn't going to help them one bit. The Cowboys will become one-dimensional very quickly in this game and that should spell death for them.

I actually feel that this game could turn lopsided if the ferocious Steeler defense starts rolling up turnovers and sacks early. If they get those turnovers on a short field, forget it.

The Steelers are actually in better health this week than have been in a long time. They'll be without Brett Keisel and Marvel Smith, but as has already been proven, they have more than capable replacements for those two players. While Smith may have played his last game as a Steeler or for anyone, the team refuses to put him on I R holding out hope that he could be of help later when "the chips are down". It's not a bad risk to take, especially with the team doing well now and they have history to show that they did it once before when Rod Woodson went down in the opening game of the season and managed to make it back.

(Above left) Not a Mavel-ous season.

I look for a convincing Steeler victory tomorrow, something along the lines of 31-10. It should be another feast for Steeler fans in a season of great games in this most difficult of schedules.