Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yes with the coming of deer season in Pennsylvania, apparently it’s also open season on professional sports idiots around the country. Consider these two brain surgeons:

Brain Surgeon Number One

Calling E.F. Hutton I presume

Plaxico Burress, recently employed as a wide receiver for the New York Giants is employed there no more as of today. He has been suspended indefinitely by the team as a prelude to permanent separation. Of course virtually everyone in the free world knows by now that Burress shot himself accidentally in the leg in a New York City nightclub. Not only was the gun not registered, it even had the serial numbers filed off so it was a totally illegal firearm. Not only is Plaxico in hot water in New York (he could potentially face three years imprisonment) sources around the NFL are saying that this knucklehead cost himself $30 million.

$30 million dollars??? My God, what could this guy have been thinking? Oh yeah, that’s it, he wasn’t thinking. The real irony of this story is that Plax dodged another bullet recently when he was in Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. See our recent story on this blog entitled “Somethin’ to do with Plaxico”.

Sub-moron Number 2

So what's he thinking here? Probably nothing!

Then there’s noted brain surgeon Sean Avery, now of the Dallas Stars. In an interview yesterday, Mr. Avery spoke with his usual eloquence of recent relationships with actress Elisha Cuthbert (seen above) and model Rachel Hunter. As a jab at two NHL players who are now dating these women, and another attempt at agitating (which is his only skill) Avery eloquently stated that it has become in vogue to date his “sloppy seconds” if you can imagine the depth of that comment.

The league, to its’ credit suspended this jerkweed indefinitely, which isn’t long enough for his type. It stated conduct “detrimental to the league” which it certainly was. The team president of the Stars said that he was glad that the league suspended Avery because, “If they hadn’t then I would have.”

It’s interesting in the Burress case how the same people who complained because the Steelers didn’t keep him aren’t saying much now. The Steelers don’t need problem players and refuse to retain them, to their credit. If my name were Santonio Holmes, I’d be thinking once, twice, even three times about where I went and the company I kept. His next problem will be his last with the Black & Gold. Write it down.