Monday, November 3, 2008

Fate Of Free World Rests On Outcome Of Steelers-Redskins Game

"Clearing My Desk"

Yes you probably weren't aware of just how important tonight's Steelers-Redskins game is on Monday Night Football.

Lost among the avalanche of meaningless campaign drivel came this savory nugget of information a few days ago: Over the last 60 years, the outcome of the Washington Redskins final home game before the national election has correctly determined who the winner will be when the voters head to the polls.

Here's how it works: If the Redskins win their last game before the elections, the incumbent party will remain in control. If the Redskins lose, the challenger or non incumbent (Obama) wins.

So basically, if you like Obama and the Steelers both, you're due to be in for a big time and you no doubt will be pulling extra hard for the Black & Gold. If, on the other hand, you're a Steelers fan and a McCain lover, you too are also in for a disappointment as well, one way or the other.

Basically it comes down to this: What's more important to you? This?

Or this?

While a Steelers victory would be "love-a-ly" as Myron used to say, I dare say that I would gladly, even willingly accept a Steelers defeat if I knew that it was going to put the right man in the oval office for four years. While in my case that right man is John McCain, I must admit that after each election I endure during my lifetime, that I dislike politicians, ALL POLITICIANS, much more than the race four years prior.

The commercials are to the point where they are now laughable. If even one fourth of the stuff that both parties are spouting is true, then all that I can say is "God Help All of Us."

Why is it that politicians invariably are out greasing their own palms? Are there so few honest people left in this country? No! But here's the real problem: Honest, decent people who would work to help their country are AFRAID TO RUN! The reason they're afraid to run is because they're afraid they''ll be viewed as a crook if they do. Who wants to become known as a crook?

So tomorrow your choices are a man who realistically should have made his last run at the Presidency ten years ago or a guy who's one of the best orators ever...if being an orator gives you the proper credentials to be President.

We can go either for the guy who doesn't quite have a handle on the economics part of the job or vote for the one who wants us all to become socialists.

After hundreds of millions of words and hundreds of millions of dollars in campaigning, it seems kind of sad that the two best people that our system of government could produce are these two.

One's too old, the other's too young. One doesn't know how many houses he has while the other can't produce a birth certificate and he's running for President!

On the under card, one v.p. hopeful boasts about having years and years of foreign affairs experience yet he can't stop making boneheaded remarks. The other, a decent, intelligent woman gets abused by the liberal press because the g.o.p. outfitted her and her family to the tune of $150,000.

Meanwhile, banks, Wall Street investors and tycoons are getting bailed out to the tune of billions.

It's little wonder that so many would opt for the Steelers regardless of the political implications!

Game Notes..Look for the Steelers to pound the ball inside the tackles in an attempt to keep the Redskins offense and league-leading-rusher, Clinton Portis off the field. Several Steelers, including Willie Parker, should be back tonight, if even in a reduced capacity. Amazing Statistics Department: Going into yesterday's action, undefeated Tennessee had given up only two sacks all year, then allowed two in one series! Game prediction: Steelers lose a heart breaker in the last seconds, thus allowing Obama to win as expected tomorrow and keeping the Redskins predictor intact for another political campaign. McCain and Obama, as though we haven't already seen enough of them, are going to be interviewed by "Boomer", ESPN's Chris Berman, at halftime in a taped segment. Break out your hammers and sickles tomorrow night! Now if you're a Steeler fan who's also a McCain supporter, it's going to be a long 24 hours!