Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My desk is rapidly filling up, so without further delay, here’s the next chapter in “Clearing My Desk”.

Pardon me if I don’t get worked up for a guy who earns millions of dollars getting fined $5,000 or $10,000, because I don’t. But what gets me about this is how the networks will always show violent hits when they’re running game highlights. So is the “No Fun League” telling the networks to “knock it off”? I doubt it.

Do the suits on Madison Ave really think that the public would watch if they were playing touch football? Come on you holier-than-thous. This game is one step above gladiators in the coliseum with the only difference being that the losers don’t have to die. Trying to legislate a player who epitomizes what a football player should be into not playing “all out” is ridiculous.

Same thing with James Harrison a couple weeks ago. He could have KILLED Flacco if he wanted to and he STILL got fined! At least Harrison drew a penalty (albeit undeserved). Hines wasn’t even flagged twice! Tell me, are the refs who missed these calls getting fined too? I doubt it.
Basically, all that the NFL is doing is guarding against a lawsuit by the next player who gets seriously injured. If they didn’t levy these fines they would be open game for a major jury award. This is "fine" if they want to play this kind of game to satisfy their legal department, but please, don’t try to pass it off as the game our grandfathers watched when you’re constantly penalizing players for hard hitting, just to cover your own butts when the next injury occurs, and we all that it will, no matter how many fines are passed out.

Football players are famous too for griping later in life about their knees, hips, etc. Did they think they were invincible? Why do they think they’re getting paid these millions of dollars? Because they have the guts to step on the field, that's why!Unfortunately, when you play a game that is based on violent collisions, limbs are going to break, joints are going to be dislocated and yes, even a spinal injury will occur. But did anyone ever stop to think that if helmets weren’t made of the second hardest substance known to man that perhaps players wouldn’t be so quick to lead with their head?

This is where the NFL, I believe, erred a long time ago. In trying to prevent concussions, they actually gave the players a weapon that they could wear onto the field!!!

Adam “Pacman” Jones: See Yah!

No matter what nickname he goes by, you can write this down: Pacman is done in the NFL. When a guy is so bad that he beats up his babysitter, he no longer should remotely be considered as a player in the NFL. In fact, he has no right being a free member of society either. This guy is a criminal, pure and simple. Congratulations to Jerry Jones, the win at all cost owner of the Dallas Cowboys. If it weren’t for people like him, people like Pacman wouldn’t be playing in the NFL. When exactly was it that Americans lost all of their scruples?

This and That

I hate Mark Madden’s new format. I don’t give this too long if they don‘t lose the music real quick…For those of you who think that the Steelers are in for a cakewalk this Sunday against the Bengals, remember that this is the same team that gave Dallas everything it could handle a couple weeks ago. NFL outcomes are more based on who decides to play than who necessarilly has the better players. Sad, but true. Remember the Oakland raiders a couple years ago? They were bad too and wound up beating the Steelers…The elections are in three weeks and to be honest with you, I don’t agree with everything John McCain has to say. But from what Barak Obama is preaching and with the changes that are already taking place now, we are headed for communism if we don’t watch out…What do you think about this group ACORN signing up tens of thousands of illegal voters for the upcoming election? Every one of those votes should be disqualified immediately before they cause a revolution to take place. If this election was decided by 50,000 votes, then what do we do? Since they already know that there was much fraud that took place, the only thing they can do is throw all of these votes out. Of course people will argue that this will take away a lot of votes from Obama. So what? Since when do we knowingly allow voter fraud to take place. I don’t care if they sign up a million votes for Obama, as long as they’re legit. How can you legitimize people who have no residence or identification? How ridiculous has it become that we would allow these type of transients or worse, fictitious people, to determine the presidency of the United Staes of America?