Monday, September 22, 2008


“Mr. Irrelevant “ signs contract, see story page 9

What a public relations disaster if there ever was one for a team that certainly doesn’t need any more bad press. Pedro Alvarez, who will forever come to be known as the kid who let his agent turn him into a his own personal vendetta against major league baseball and in particular, Pirates team President, Frank Coonelly; reportedly has signed a four year deal with the club for $350,000 more than the amount as was “agreed” to at zero hour of the signing period for draft choices.

The important signing was heralded by the "Pittsburgh Post Gazette" on page nine of Monday’s sports section. It probably would have received more notice in the obituary section. This is how far the relevance of baseball has slipped in Pittsburgh over the past 16 years.

Alvarez and his agent, Scott Boras, wasted no time in generating ill will in this city. The agent’s cavalier behavior towards his client’s image is almost inconceivable. Meanwhile, the player and his family’s failure to step in and say “Enough is enough” doesn’t speak too highly for their character either.

Plenty To Clear
It’ll never happen, but now that the Pirates supposedly have Alvarez under contract, they should try shopping him around the league. This team, as they have said repeatedly, needs players, lots of them. If they could get a great batch of prospects who already have some minor league experience for a guy who will always have the stench of Scott Boras associated with him, the fans in this town will probably stand up and applaud their guts. You want to restock the minor league system? Get rid of this jerk and his slime ball agent. Now that would really be a step in the right direction. Might even sell a couple season tickets.