Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Hidden Vigorish" Part Deux

"Made By Little Neighborhood Chocolate Confectioner"
On Tuesday I wrote a piece about "Hidden Vigorish", the old Bob Prince saying that the late Pirate broadcaster used to describe the "Law of Averages" as it pertains to sports. During that article I was referring to the dominance that the Steelers have demonstrated over a very long period of time against the Cleveland Browns.

However, in focusing all of my attention of that story on the Browns, I realized later that I had completely failed to mention a very tasty morsel of hidden vigorish that's actually working in the Steelers favor this week! This piece of "Hidden Vigorish" is so massive that it probably dwarfs just about anything else out there among current teams and their streaks except maybe the Cubs length of futility in baseball.

In fact, calling this a tasty morsel is like calling the Hershey Chocolate Company a nice little neighborhood candy confectioner. Can you imagine that with all of the success that they've had for nearly 40 years now that the Steelers haven't managed to win in Philadelphia in 42 years!!!

Do you think the forces of "Hidden Vigorish" could be working at their most highest levels imaginable on Sunday? Like the subterranean river of evil goo running under New York City in "Ghostbusters II" , there seems to be an ocean of bad karma running under Philadelphia for the Pittsburgh Steelers.Will this be the year for the Steelers to break through???

Stay tuned for the 4:00 something kickoff. It should be a doozy! Say it together: "I ain't 'fraid a no ghost".