Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rock of Gibralter...and Then Some !!!

Gibralter: Rumored Birthplace of Big Ben
That was some performance Big Ben put on last night, upsetting the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-21 on the road and in front of a national viewing audience. It was reminiscent to this scribe of the days when Terry Bradshaw was the local hero who would get battered around only to come running back from the locker room in the third quarter to guide the Steelers to yet another victory.
Yes, Ben Roethlisberger has truly developed during his career as a quarterback that another generation of Steeler fans will be writing about forty years from now...."So Big Ben gets thrown down onto his partially separated shoulder and is rolling on the ground in pain. Minutes later, he plows through a bunch of blitzing linebackers and with a guy hanging all over him manages to throw a touchdown pass to Hines Ward to win the game."
That is the type of description that will be used to describe one of the finest plays any Steeler quarterback has ever made. But before you think that's the end of the story, well there's more...."But mind you, Big Ben didn't have his top three running backs, they were all hurt. He had two of his starting offensive linemen out injured too. He literally picked the whole team up and willed them to win."
Now you know how Paul Bunyan stories got created, only this was no exaggeration.and no blue oxen were involved. In a game that could someday be used to define his entire career, this win absolutely epitomized Ben Roethlisberger. I know in watching this game myself, my own feeling was, "Geesh, I'm glad this guy plays for us!" When you consider how long it was between Big Ben and Terry Bradshaw, you realize how infrequently one of these types of players comes around. Terry won four Superbowls, Big Ben so far, has one. However, you got the feeling while watching that game against the Jaguars that here was a man who could go on a major roll of conquests now that he has experience going for him, and when you consider that he won his first Superbowl basically having a bad game, it makes him winning two, three or four more as being in the realm of possibility.
There's one other image that I would like to share with you that truly conveys my feelings for the 'Big Lug". I saw a movie last weekend that very accurately describes Big Ben to a "T" and I, for one, move that we all begin referring to him by his new nickname. We can still call him "Big Ben", but as more of a term of reverence, we should refer to him by the name below:

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