Friday, October 10, 2008


Your editor has had a very busy week despite the lack of activity in the Pittsburgh sports world. As all bloggers know, there is, unfortunately, life outside of blogdom.

But I had to take a minute to get a few things off my chest and once again work at “Clearing My Desk." So today‘s subject is:. The real reason why Americans are so angry over the current financial crisis.

Let’s face it, does anyone really have a true idea of just how large of a pile a billion of anything is? I set out to help you fathom the magnitude of the current bailout program which, at last gasp, was around $800 billion dollars. But in fact, if I wanted to be even more ludicrous, I could try to give you an idea of how big a number the $2 trillion dollars is that Americans have lost in their investments over the last three weeks. No, that would be too crazy, so I’ll stick with just trying to explain how big of a number $1,000,000,000 is.

The Steelers will have about 620,610 fans come to Heinz Field this year. If we were to split up the billion bucks in cash among them, that would come to $1,610 per fan!

If we were to split a billion dollars among the population of the entire world, each person would get 15 cents.

If you took a car trip to the moon, you would travel some 477,714 miles round trip. If your car got 20 miles highway, you’d need 23,885 gallons of gas. With regular gas today averaging $3.34 per gallon, you’d be looking at a hefty price tag of $79,778. No problem though, because you’d still have $999,920,221 left from your initial billion dollars!

If you wanted to split the billion bucks among every person in the U.S., they’d each get $3.32!

Let’s say that you wanted to buy the house of your dreams and it cost $300,000. You’d be able to buy 3,333 of them!

If the car of your dreams cost $200,000, no problem, you could buy 5,000 of them!

Last year the entire NFL had 17,500,000 fans attend games. That comes to $57.14 per person.

If you watched the first Presidential debate, then you were among 63 million viewers who would each take home $15.87.

Since my head is starting to hurt and, for the first time ever, I tried to get an answer on my calculator that was too big for it to figure out, I’ll just ask you, dear reader, to try to figure out this answer for me: It’s a186 million mile round trip from earth to Pluto How many trips can you get out of 2 trillion miles?.

As I said earlier, these numbers are truly mind-boggling. Little wonder why so many people are as angry and frustrated by the economic downturn as they are!

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