Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes that’s some M*A*S*H unit that they have going on over on the South Side these days what with 11 players from the 53 man roster either already on the "I.R" or nursing wounds that have them on a week-to-week status.

One position, punter, is even in a circumstance where a second player may be now lost for the season. In the preseason, starter Daniel Sepulveda went down with a recurrence of an ACL problem that he suffered with in college.. His replacement, veteran journeyman, Mitch Berger, now has sustained a hamstring injury in the second half of the Giants game. He too could be lost for the rest of the way.

To add insult to injury, long snapper, Greg Warren also suffered an ACL injury thus causing the Steelers to utilize emergency backup snapper All-Pro outside linebacker, James Harrison. The result was almost predictable: A fully-adrenalized Harrison smokes the ball over Berger’s head and out of the end zone for a game-tying safety and 14 points the hard way for the Giants (four field goals and a safety).

Compounding the injury woes were the “off the field” problems of Santonio Holmes and Aaron Smith. Holmes, who may have cost the Steelers this game, was suspended by Coach Mike Tomlin for his arrest on marijuana possession charges. Ben Roethlisberger threw four interceptions and was sacked repeatedly when his receivers were unable to get open downfield.

Aaron Smith’s situation, kept very private by the team, reportedly involves a very seriously ill child. The Steelers fully did not expect Smith to play after being excused from practice all week. But there he was on Sunday, thus serving as an inspiration to his defensive teammates.

The severity of the Aaron Smith circumstance and his still playing last Sunday should serve as the complete polar opposite to the “me-first” attitude that apparently Santonio Holmes prescribes to in the wake of his being charged with marijuana possession last Thursday night. With this most recent brush with the law, Holmes could very possibly be in the process of playing himself right off of this team that prides itself on having players of a better “moral fabric”. Rest assured, nothing will come of it this season…Holmes has already been reinstated to his prior position as a starter for Monday Night's game…but don’t be surprised that in a league where felons abound that Holmes could be eagerly snapped up by any number of teams. I for one am glad that this team has its' priorities in order.

So as this season plods along, the injuries continue to mount and the term, "Battle of Attrition,” takes on an even greater meaning. Look for a new punter and long-snapper to be signed this week, but don’t expect that list of walking wounded to shorten anytime soon by any significant numbers.

And say a prayer for Aaron Smith, an inspirational Steeler if there ever was one, who has problems a lot bigger than football to deal with right now.

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Somethin' To Do With Plaxico"


No, that “Giant sucking sound” you heard last night wasn’t the Steelers Santonio Holmes sucking on a doobie. In fact, it wasn’t the sound made by a doobie at all. No this may have just been the sound of the Steelers season getting sucked down the toilet yesterday as the doggone Pittsburgh Police, no less, pulled over the Steelers deep threat, Santonio Holmes in his SUV at One Mario Lemieux Place!!!

In a situation laced with irony and dripping with skullduggery, Holmes was pulled over because the police had been tipped off that a large SUV was driving around the Burgh with a significant cache of drugs. We’re not sayin‘, but guess who’s in town to play against “Dem Stillers” this week and guess who has a HUGE SUV? Aha and A HAH!!!
 Above Left: Custom Marijuana Vending Machine (location: topsecret but the driver of this truck might know)
LEFT: New Burgh Restaurant. Marijuana use has become widespread in Pittsburgh.

BELOW: Kentucky cops gloat over their million dollar bust. There's no NFL franchise in Kentucky yet, but if they keep this up, it won't be long!

So do you think the Pittsburgh Cops may have gotten the wrong guy? This not only could be a case of mistaken identity, it could also be a HUGE case of racial profiling going on right in your home town against our Steeler deep threat!
ABOVE: "To Protect and Serve" ....whatever.... We've heard that bullcrap before. BELOW: Helicopter shooter, Ernie "Fats" Holmes.

Look, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that the Pittsburgh Cops are BIG Steeler fans. Do you realize how much overtime pay the Steelers generate for them each year? So you know they’re not going to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg”, right? Plus they're always scoring free tickets and sideline passes. So if the Steelers go into a tailspin and the crowds fall off, well there goes the OT pay, and who needs that in this economy? Not the F.O.P. I’ll tell you that!

The history of loyalty to the Black and Gold by the local pork purveyors is legendary in these parts. Think back to the 70s when one of the steel curtain inmates at the time, one Ernie “Arrowhead” Holmes was caught shooting at a State Police helicopter in what had to be a cannabis-induced outburst right along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Old Arrowhead didn’t do any jail time as I recall, well if he did it was a lot less than you or I would've done, what with the Steelers being involved in four SuperBowls and him being a member of the "Steel Curtain" and all.

So what were these cops thinking yesterday when they arrested our own "San Anton"?
Well here are the facts recapped up to this point: You have a black male athlete, driving a large SUV on the week when the Giants are in town and the Pittsburgh Cops get a tip that there’s some “whacky tobackky” to be had just a hop, skip and a jump from the Hill District.

“Pittsburgh’s Finest” spring into action and when they pull said vehicle over, the driver says he’s Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers, only he doesn’t have his wallet because, "There’s no pockets in football pants”.

The one cop, looking very similar to Chris Farley, says while attempting to wipe the smile off his face, “C’mon Plaxico, you don’t think we’re going to fall for that routine again. Now where’s the maryjoowanna?” Santonio, now looking very perplexed says that yes he indeed has these “Blunts” (cigars laced with marijuana) and hands them over.
Since Santonio didn’t attempt to conceal his stash, the charging traitor, er officer, a Sgt. R. Griffith, said that, “Holmes was not arrested but will receive notice of the charge in the mail“. That’s really great officer, so where do you send said citation since you don’t have any proof as to who he really is?

Mario Lemieux, seeing the flashing lights outside of “his house” at One Mario Lemieux Place came out to investigate and was understandably upset. Speaking away from the cameras on the scene, Lemieux went on what seemed like a ten minute rant about the Steelers. “This would be like Sidney rolling a joint and smoking it down at the UMPC Center or whatever they call it,” Lemieux said through clenched teeth. “Only Sidney wouldn’t do that and neither would I. And did you see the pictures of Casey Hampton pounding on the glass during a playoff game last year? He could have easily, EASILY broken that section of glass! Do you know how much those cost me? That would be like Evgeni going down and skating on Heinz Field (if it rained and then froze, but you get what I mean). I’m tired of the Steelers acting like Mellon Arena is their own personal playpen where they can do whatever they please because, 'Hey, we're the Steelers'.”
After Santonio had driven away and Mario gone back into the Arena, "Officer Doright", already beginning to feel the heat from his fellow donut-lovers for "pinning a tail on a Steeler" tried to put a positive spin on the whole sad story.

“Hey pal, you want one?”

Sadly, he had offered me a donut. He was still holding a box of Dunkin Donuts, munchies that were removed, ironically enough, as evidence from Plaxico’s er Santonio’s SUV. Wait till these guys start losing out on their playoff overtime money. They'll be all over him. I actually kind of feel sorry for him right now.
The NFL has yet to comment on the whole incident, (expect that on Monday), but judgment should be swift and terrible. “Especially after he made that crack about the NFL being a bunch of pansies the other day,” said a league official still hanging around town for the big tilt this Sunday (that remark was actually made by Troy Polamalu by the way). The league, conveniently already had officials here to discuss the rash of Hines Ward fines and, “We decided to stick around for some much overdue partying and those women that Pittsburgh’s famous for”. ABOVE: This probably wasn't her.
Before heading off for the South Side Steelers training facility the one "No Fun League" official in a tan trench coat offered this nugget of insight: “Listen bub. We'd gotten a tip that there was going to be some big trouble goin' down in the Burgh this week. Somethin’ to do with Plaxico. We figured we'd better stick around. Looks like a good career move on our part cause it looks like the Pittsburgh Cops got their man."

But did they really get their man, or is this another case of black athletes being lumped into one faceless category of pot-smokin', trash-talkin', SUV drivin', ne'er-do-wells?
Yeah. You guys did a real nice job alright! I'll be sure to put a good word into Roger Geddell next time I see him.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"It's Just "Fines" Being "Fines" OR, "Fines Is As Fines does"

Yes our own "Kid Dyn-O-Mite was at it again this past Sunday as Hines Ward continued his own personal laying seige to the National Football League, this time destroying Cincinnati rookie linebacker Keith Rivers.

The hit on Rivers, who was poised to make a tackle on Heath Miller, was so savage that Rivers needs surgery on his jaw! In fact, the injury was so severe that the jaw was broken in two places and will have to be wired shut. Rivers will also have to eat via a straw for six weeks, thus further endearing Ward to him. For what it's worth though, Hines said that he, "Said a prayer for him" after the collission.

Count the Cinci Bungles in among the growing legions of NFL players who officially or otherwise have a "bounty" out on Hines Ward for a teammate being "blown up" by our "Kid Dyn-O-Mite", "Fines" Ward. Look for the "Commish" (and not of the More Taste League) to get involved once again.

Oh, yeah, the Steelers beat the Bengals and are now 5-1.
"More Taste League" May Intervene.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


(TOP) Bill Cowher contemplating the assasination of another millionaire employee. (ABOVE) The face that made chins (not to mention entire jaws) famous. (BELOW) McBeam. Created in the likeness of Mr. Bill?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

HINES (a.k.a. "Fines") WARD career review and photo gallery

2008 "Blackened Gold" Award Winning Story
The heart and soul of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Because of the media reports that have been stirred up by the two fines that have been imposed in recent weeks by the NFL on Hines Ward for "unnecessary roughness", we thought it appropriate to do a definitive Hines Ward photo gallery and career review on the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers receiver ever, bar none. So fasten your chin strap and have your head on a swivel, 'cause here goes!

Hines E. Ward, Jr. (Korean: 하인스 워드/Kim Hyun-ae) was born March 8, 1976 in Seoul, South Korea to a South Korean mother and an African-American father. Since winning Superbowl XL and becoming the MVP in that game, he has become an advocate for ethnic minorities in South Korea. and an international celebrity.

Holding son after Super Bowl (above)
Kissing Mom
At Forest Park Higfh School in Forest Park, Georgia, Ward showcased his athletic skills as a quarterback and was a two-time Clayton County Offensive Player of the Year. He earned All American honors from Super Prep, Blue Chip Illustrated & USA Today, as well as All State and Super Southern Top 100 honors.

Hines presents autographed Super Bowl football to South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun. Ward waived his customary $200 charge for this special occasion.
Strutting after a score...

Leaping for joy after Super Bowl catch from Randle-El

As a wide receiver for the University of Georgia Bulldogs (1995–1998), Ward's 149 career receptions for 1,965 yards placed him second in team history. He also played tailback and quarterback and totaled 3,870 all-purpose yards, second only to Herschel Walker in Bulldogs history. In 1996, Hines had 52 receptions for 900 yards, and also ran 26 times for 170 yards. In 1997, he hauled in 55 passes and scored six TDs, getting All-SEC honors in the process.

When he came out of college it was discovered that Ward was missing an ACL in his left knee, which he lost during a bicycle accident during childhood. This may well have affected his position in the NFL draft. He received his bachelors degree in consumer economics from UGA, where he became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Ward's versatility has served him well as a professional wide receiver. Since being drafted by the Steelers in the third round of the 1998 NFL draft, he has earned three team Most Valuable Player selections. He is also a four-time NFL Pro Bowl selection (2001–2004). He also had a streak of 4 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, which likely could have been extended in the 2005 NFL season if he had not missed a game due to injury. In 2002, he set a Steelers franchise record for receptions (112), and touchdowns (12), and was named to his first of two consecutive All-NFL teams. He is widely considered the best blocking receiver in the NFL.

Quick to smile...quick to lay the lumber

In 2005, Ward missed the first two weeks of training camp in a holdout for a contract extension that would increase his salary. Ward had considered holding out before camp in 2004, but had been persuaded by the Steelers that they could work out an extension during the year. Ward eventually showed up on Auguat 15, 2005 and was on the sidelines for Pittsburgh's first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles that night, though he did not play in that game. On September 5, 2005, the Steelers announced that they had reached an agreement on a four-year contract extension with Ward.

On November 27, 2005, Ward became the Steelers all-time leading receiver with his 538th catch against the Cleveland browns on “Sunday Night Football”l overcoming John Stallworth's record. The Steelers won the game 34-21.

Ward is also renowned as a terrific post-season receiver, accumulating 57 receptions, 761 yards, and 8 receiving touchdowns in 10 post-season appearances (including his Super Bowl XL appearance, in which he was named the Super Bowl MVP). In that game which the Steelers won over the Seattle Seahawks 21-10, Ward scored a 43 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter, thrown by fellow wide receiver Antwaan Randle El. Overall, Ward had five receptions for 123 yards, one TD and one carry for 18 yards.

Don't let this smile deceive you!

Immediately following Super Bowl XL Ward was videotaped for the latest "I'm Going to Disney World!" TV commercial, adding "...and I'm taking The Bus!" Ward and Steelers teammate Jerome “The Bus” Bettis also appeared in a victory parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park.

On December 2, 2007, Ward became the Steelers all-time touchdown receptions leader with his 64th touchdown reception against the Cincinnati Bengals. Then on December 20th, Ward became the Steelers all-time receiving yardage leader in a game against the St. Louis Rams.

This season in the opener, Hines Ward scored 2 touchdowns as the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Houston Texans 38-17 and coming out of what many sports analysts say was a “two-year slump”. He scored two touchdowns and had 6 receptions for 76 yards. If it hadn’t been for a pass interference call, (which cost the Steelers 54 yards) Ward would have recorded his first 100-yard game since the 2006 season.
Celebrating a Fifth Super Bowl Championship
While Ward has continued to have a very productive season in 2008, it has been marred in the last two weeks by two major penalties for unnecessary roughness that were assessed in the week following each contest. Ward was first given a $5,000 fine and then had that followed up by a $10,000 fine last week.

The Steelers organization has been enraged by these fines because they did not even merit a penalty flag during each of the games. Ward is generally acknowledged as being the hardest hitting receiver in football history to go along with his impressive receiving statistics. But the Steelers are also proud of their long-running reputation for hard hitting on the field, even by their wide receivers. Therefore it’s understandable why Mike Tomlin and even Steelers Chairman, Dan Rooney, would be defending the play of their all-time-best-receiver.

With the season only six weeks old, the Steelers stand with a sparkling 4-1 record. During that span, Ward has 24 catches for 316 yards, a 13.2 yards per catch average and four touchdowns. At his current pace, Ward would score 12 touchdowns and have 76 catches for 1,011 yards. Not a bad start to a season for a man who already owns every Steeler receiving record on the books.

Special thanks to Wikipedia for statistical data!
Hines Ward leers over a fallen Bengal. Taunting flag soon to
follow in the "No Fun League".
Hines Ward Vital StatisticsPittsburgh SteelersNo. 86Wide receiver
Date of birth: March 8, 1976 (1976-03-08) (age 32)
Place of birth:
Seoul, South Korea
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 205
Professional debut
1998 for the
Pittsburgh Steelers
Career historyCollege: Georgia
NFL Draft: 1998 / Round: 3 / Pick: 92
Pittsburgh Steelers (1998-Present)
Career highlights and awards
Pro Bowl selection (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
All-Pro selection (2002, 2003, 2004)
2002 Steelers co-MVP
2003 Steelers MVP
2005 Steelers co-MVP
Super Bowl XL MVP
Steelers Career Records for Receptions, Receiving Yards, & Receiving TDs
Selected NFL statistics (through Week 5 of the 2008 NFL season)

Receptions 743
Receiving Yards 9,053
Receiving TDs 69
Hines Ward Stats at NFL.com
Hines with "The Dumptruck" (left) and Nate Washington (right)
The Buccos offered all three contracts after the practice.
Hines with Bill Cowher lookalike.
Hines Ward trivia: There are currently 82,900 images of Hines Ward on Google!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My desk is rapidly filling up, so without further delay, here’s the next chapter in “Clearing My Desk”.

Pardon me if I don’t get worked up for a guy who earns millions of dollars getting fined $5,000 or $10,000, because I don’t. But what gets me about this is how the networks will always show violent hits when they’re running game highlights. So is the “No Fun League” telling the networks to “knock it off”? I doubt it.

Do the suits on Madison Ave really think that the public would watch if they were playing touch football? Come on you holier-than-thous. This game is one step above gladiators in the coliseum with the only difference being that the losers don’t have to die. Trying to legislate a player who epitomizes what a football player should be into not playing “all out” is ridiculous.

Same thing with James Harrison a couple weeks ago. He could have KILLED Flacco if he wanted to and he STILL got fined! At least Harrison drew a penalty (albeit undeserved). Hines wasn’t even flagged twice! Tell me, are the refs who missed these calls getting fined too? I doubt it.
Basically, all that the NFL is doing is guarding against a lawsuit by the next player who gets seriously injured. If they didn’t levy these fines they would be open game for a major jury award. This is "fine" if they want to play this kind of game to satisfy their legal department, but please, don’t try to pass it off as the game our grandfathers watched when you’re constantly penalizing players for hard hitting, just to cover your own butts when the next injury occurs, and we all that it will, no matter how many fines are passed out.

Football players are famous too for griping later in life about their knees, hips, etc. Did they think they were invincible? Why do they think they’re getting paid these millions of dollars? Because they have the guts to step on the field, that's why!Unfortunately, when you play a game that is based on violent collisions, limbs are going to break, joints are going to be dislocated and yes, even a spinal injury will occur. But did anyone ever stop to think that if helmets weren’t made of the second hardest substance known to man that perhaps players wouldn’t be so quick to lead with their head?

This is where the NFL, I believe, erred a long time ago. In trying to prevent concussions, they actually gave the players a weapon that they could wear onto the field!!!

Adam “Pacman” Jones: See Yah!

No matter what nickname he goes by, you can write this down: Pacman is done in the NFL. When a guy is so bad that he beats up his babysitter, he no longer should remotely be considered as a player in the NFL. In fact, he has no right being a free member of society either. This guy is a criminal, pure and simple. Congratulations to Jerry Jones, the win at all cost owner of the Dallas Cowboys. If it weren’t for people like him, people like Pacman wouldn’t be playing in the NFL. When exactly was it that Americans lost all of their scruples?

This and That

I hate Mark Madden’s new format. I don’t give this too long if they don‘t lose the music real quick…For those of you who think that the Steelers are in for a cakewalk this Sunday against the Bengals, remember that this is the same team that gave Dallas everything it could handle a couple weeks ago. NFL outcomes are more based on who decides to play than who necessarilly has the better players. Sad, but true. Remember the Oakland raiders a couple years ago? They were bad too and wound up beating the Steelers…The elections are in three weeks and to be honest with you, I don’t agree with everything John McCain has to say. But from what Barak Obama is preaching and with the changes that are already taking place now, we are headed for communism if we don’t watch out…What do you think about this group ACORN signing up tens of thousands of illegal voters for the upcoming election? Every one of those votes should be disqualified immediately before they cause a revolution to take place. If this election was decided by 50,000 votes, then what do we do? Since they already know that there was much fraud that took place, the only thing they can do is throw all of these votes out. Of course people will argue that this will take away a lot of votes from Obama. So what? Since when do we knowingly allow voter fraud to take place. I don’t care if they sign up a million votes for Obama, as long as they’re legit. How can you legitimize people who have no residence or identification? How ridiculous has it become that we would allow these type of transients or worse, fictitious people, to determine the presidency of the United Staes of America?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Satan To Meet "The Devil" Again In Pens "Biblical Proportions" Home Opener

Pens Coach Michael Therrien mistakenly uses the single person when referring to the New Jersey Devils as "The Devil", but for a certain "Black and Gold" blogger, his English shortcoming has unwittingly created a headline writers bonanza.

When the puck drops at Mellon arena on Saturday night, it won't be the first time this historic event (Satan going up against "the Devil") has ever occurred as evidenced by a picture that our archivists here have unearthed. In fact, our crack team of researchers has discovered some other very rare and amazing photos as you will soon see, so read on.

Biblical-Sized Meeting To Be Repeated Again In Pittsburgh

But for Miroslav Satan (pronounced Shuh tan) it couldn't happen soon enough.

Miroslav Satan was born on October 22, 1974 in Jacovce, Czechoslovakia. He and wife Ingrid, pictured below have a son, Miroslav Jr., who was born in March, 2006.

In this case is the devil wearing red or Prada?
Notice Satan's devilish-looking goatee.

Satan was drafted 111th overall in the 1993 NHL Draft by the Edmonton Oilers. But prior to his entry into the NHL, he played in the Czechoslovak and Slovak leagues and had scored 9 goals in 8 games while representing Slovakia at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games.

Legendary Buffalo Jersey

Shootout goal against Rangers

After two seasons with the Oilers, the highly skilled winger was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Craig Millar and Barrie Moore. He firmly established himself as a top-line forward and one of the key players of the Buffalo team.. During the 2004–2005 NHL labor dispute, Šatan played for HC Slovan Bratislava in the Slovak League. He signed as an unrestricted free agent with the New York Islanders on August 3, 2005.

A younger Satan (right) minus goatee with bare-chested "Dominator" Dominik Hasik. (left). Notice piercing eyes of both players.

His 35 goals during the 2005–06 season were his highest goal-output since the 2001–02 while with the Buffalo Sabres. Almost half of his  goals came on the power play (17), also a career personal best. This is something that the Penguins will obviously try to exploit. He led the Islanders in goals in the 2005–06 season. Satan tied for the team lead in points with 66 (another coincidence?), shared with captain Alexei Yashin. Also in 2005–06, Satan went 7-for-10 (70%) and was third in the NHL in shooting percentage in the shootout. We can certainly also expect to see Satan serving in that capacity at times here.

On December 2, 2006, he scored his 300th career goal against (who else) the Pittsburgh Penguins! Earlier in that same season he had already recorded his 300th career assist and his 600th career point.

On March 24, 2007, Satan missed the Islanders' game in Philadelphia for "personal reasons" (who knows what that could have been) thus ending a streak of having played in 305 consecutive games. It was the fourth longest active streak at the time, and marked the second time in his career that he had played in over 250 consecutive games. He had a 256 game streak as a member of the Buffalo Sabres that ended in November 2002. His durability at times can appear to be "superhuman". Hopefully he won't be injured in his first home game as was the now-departed Marian Hossa!

On July 3, 2008, Šatan signed a one year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins worth $3.5 million, thus saving the City of Pittsburgh from having to endure countless numbers of mass suicides after the team lost Hossa, Ryan Malone and several others at the end of last season.

Satan's world was turned upside down playing for the down-and-out Islanders.

But today Miroslav Satan stands ready to join the league's highest-powered offense (except when they're playing Detroit) and should prove to be a more than capable linemate for either the greatest player in the world, Sidney Crosby, or the second greatest player in the world Evgeni Malkin. Either way, Satan, once again, comes out the big winner.

(left) Feeble attempt by L.A. Kings to stop Satan. (above) Historic rare photo of Satan falling (Satan's first fall was never photographed).

(Above left) Only photographic evidence of Satan's signature. (Above right) Only known photo of Satan's agent. He wears only black suits and shirts, white ties and a black hat with a white sash. Rumored to have possible links to the underworld. Hard negotiator.

Satan has said that he literally jumped at the chance to play for the Pens and to pair up with such famous linemates as Crosby and Malkin. As for playing for a city such as Pittsburgh, he knows full well that the winter weather can oftentimes prove to be a considerable factor, but he smiles and says, "Never for me."

The Hell sign may freeze over, but never Hell itself.

On Saturday night,you would expect to see Martin Brodeur and Company throwing all of their defensive prowess against the Penguins and their new scorer from the "dark side". But the big buzz here is that there is an as yet unidentified amazing new goaltender who may be standing between the pipes ironically enough playing for the hated "Devil" and trying to stop Satan and the forces of good (?) ! While his identity is still as yet unknown, he is reportedly from the Galilee area and bears a striking resemblance to none other than the Penguins Marc-Andre Fleury (see if you agree) although he does appear to be a bit older.

In any event, the matchup tonight looks to be Biblical in nature. Hopefully, the Pens will prevail against "The Devil" while, ironically employing one Miroslav Satan.

Go figure!!!

Rookie from middle eastern league has 0.00 Goals Against Average, is expected to get start over Brodeur!