Friday, September 12, 2008



Boy is it ever easy to get caught up in the fever that ultimately develops into Steelermania around here. But it's pretty hard to keep yourself composed as a Steeler fan when your team performs as well as it did against the Houston Texans.

But are they really that good, or are the Texans that bad? My answer: The Steelers are really that good. This team has an awesome array of offensive weapons with an offensive line that is developing nicely. On defense, their suffocating style has been revved up by the appearance of second year linebackers Timmons and Woodley. Add them to Harrison, Foote and Farrior and you may have the deepest set of linebackers in the league. They will wreak havoc on offenses throughout the NFL this year.

Even the special teams, an area of serious concern, looked really good against Houston. To top it off, the Steelers have a perfect blend of great young talent with a closet full of grizzled, seasoned veterans who are ready to show them the way.

In Mike Tomlin they have a coach who has mastered the art of getting an NFL player's attention. In fact, he has mastered the art of getting an entire team's attention. These guys hit the field locked, loaded and ready to clobber anything in their path. Barring that famous NFL problem called injuries, this team could really go all the way.

However, you even have to like their depth except on the offensive line, so keep your fingers crossed there where Marvel Smith already has a sore groin after only week one.

So are the Steelers really that good or are the Texans really that bad? Get ready to drink deeply my fellow Burghers, cause if the Steelers shellac the Browns like I feel they will, we may need the Dormont pool to mix up our next batch of Steelers Black and Gold Kool Aid. Final score: Steelers 31, Browns 7. Big Ben will once again take an early exit after the third quarter as the Steelers will totally dominate every facet of this game.

Best of all, it'll be on national tv, for everyone in the whole country who likes to see solid, bone crushing hits to enjoy!

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