Friday, September 19, 2008

EXTRA!!!!! Wal Mart's Pricing Is Way Messed Up !!!!!!

Helmet Signed By 10 Steelers Hall of Famers, a low, low Wal Mart price of just $1,299.00!

Now in the world of collecting autographs, it's not unusual to pay $40, $50 even $100 for an autograph. When you add in the cost of a pro helmet plus the fact that the signature is of a Hall of Famer, it's easy to see how you could pay two or three hundred dollars for an autographed helmet. So a hemet bearing the autographs of TEN Hall of Famers should go for a king's ransom, right?

Well in pricing this Steelers helmet at $1299.00 we believe that Wal Mart got this one right. It's an amazing piece and it averages just $129 per Hall of Famer!. However, here's where they really got one wrong: On the same catalog web page, if the Steeler helmet is out of your range, you can drop down and purchase an autographed Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears helmet for just $649!

Now wait a minute. You're going to sell a helmet with 10 Steeler greats for $1,299.00 and then offer Rex Grossman for just $649? What would a helmet cost with 10 Chicago Bears Hall of Famers? We could be talking six figures!

That's messed up pricing there folks. Price check at register three... Watch it!!

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