Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is a part of "Black and Gold" where I hope to expound upon important topics of the day and not necessarily sports. With this being the inaugural edition of this blog, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to say a few words about 9/11 and our nation's horrible memories of that sad day.

Thinking back, I can vividly remember hearing Matt Lauer saying on the "Today" show that, "Apparently a small plane has flown into the world trade center." I also remember seeing the first shot of the World Trade Center and the smoke pouring out of the side of the building.

"That's no accident," I immediately said to my wife and then the horror of horrors came not too long afterward when I saw the second plane come crashing in on live national television. There are certain memories that can be etched into your brain as you go through life. That was certainly one for me and most other Americans..

When I later heard of the Pentagon crash and finally flight 93 that had a most unhappy ending on a field outside of Somerset, PA, it really hit home that I was witnessing our country being under siege. We certainly weren't thinking about being attacked on that bright sunny day and we certainly weren't thinking about being attacked today...on another bright sunny day. But it occurred to me that the lessons of 911 have not been learned.

Consider Barack Obama and John McCain today walking together, outside, at ground zero in New York. Now I don't have any problem whatsoever with these men paying their tribute to the many American civilians, firefighters and policemen who lost their lives on that day for no good reason other than pure psychotic hatred. However, when I see these two men standing together in an outdoor setting, I realized that we still don't really get it when it comes to terrorists. What a great target the two of them together could have made today! What a crisis our form of government could have been dealt had it been carried out! One day everyone will get it: Our country has been and will continue to be under siege. George W. Bush today is viewed as an unsuccessful failure of a president. After watching replays of 9/11 and seeing once again the chaos and devastation, could it have been that remote of an idea that a plot could have been hatched against these two men who are now vying for the Presidency?

If it could occur to me (and I'm certainly no terrorist) then I'm sure that a group of people with nothing better to do than hatch terrorist plots could have thought of it too. True, nothing happened, thank God for that, but people, please stop slapping targets on yourselves!!!. After all, who would have ever thought that four jet planes could have ever been hijacked with such deadly efficiency as was done on 9/11/01? Who would have ever thought that two skyscrapers could have been knocked down or the Pentagon hit? It was a beautiful fall day.. a day.just like today! We can't leave our guard down again..

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